The first post

I have been planning on starting a blog for a while.  It will be about books, people and daily life.  Mostly it is a tool to start writing.  Cold and rainy today, Veteran’s Day, a day to remember the dead.  I never used to think about it, but now, with the current wars, I have to.  I think of the men and women wounded or killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I think of their families.  I hope we can put an end to this madness.

Soon we’ll go out for Pho and some browsing at the local used book store.  Maybe I’ll find something on my list.

Back home, after being out in heavy rain, lots of people on the street.  Warm soup and used books.  Found a nice copy of “Brave New World” to replace the one I gave away several years ago.

Why Page 247?  I’m not really sure.  Maybe I’ll quote from page 247 of what ever book I happen to be reading, or maybe not.  I’ve just started reading “The Gathering” by Anne Enright.  I love the way she strings broken thoughts together, it increases the emotional tension.

Okay, here goes.


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