Weekly Geeks 1/9/2009

wg-zombie3Having just joined book blogging community I have discovered many great sites and many committed bloggers.  I have joined challenges and read about people who are very important to book blogging,  including a women called Dewey.  She sounds wonderful and I am sorry I never got to know her.

Her memory lives on in posts and challenges,  including something called Weekly Geeks.  I am joining the Geeks and hope to be able to keep up with the postings.  So, to begin,  Terri’s first post..

In the spirit of the amazing community building that Dewey was so good at, tell us about your favorite blogs, the ones you have bookmarked or subscribe to in your Google Reader, that you visit on a regular basis. Tell us what it is about these blogs that you love, that inspire or educate you or make you laugh. Be sure to link to them so we can find them too.

Being new to the book blogging community I am going to link to some sites that are not necessarily about books or reading.  They are sites I visit almost every day because they are intriguing, entertaining and some of them make me laugh.

Making Light:  I discovered this sight by accident, through some other blog though I forgotten which one. Teresa and Patrick Nielsen Hayden are editors, teachers and bloggers.  They do stuff at Boing Boing (another favorite), and at Tor, and other places. People have told me to lighten up.   Making Light makes me light, makes me laugh.

3QuarksDaily:  On a more serious note,  S. Abbas Rasa and friends gather articles, videos, book reviews and other interesting thing, including poetry and put it all together on a site I get lost in for hours.

BookNinja: On books, publishing and CanLit.

OxfordUniversityPress:  Reviews of books, movies and other things plus many, many words.

OEDILF:  And then there’s this site.  I can’t explain, I have the giggles, just go there.



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8 responses to “Weekly Geeks 1/9/2009

  1. Happy Weekly Geeks! Welcome. I love the limericks – will have to check that out more. I’m also signed up for the World Citizen and have selected a few of my books (Persepolis is IN THE HOUSE); I want to wait and let a few reviews start coming in before I commit to it in full.

  2. Welcome to Weekly Geeks! I peeked at the OEDILF, what a riot! That takes some creative stamina.

  3. Dewey was awesome :)
    Welcome to the Weekly Geeks _ have fun!!! :)

  4. Dewey was an amazing person and she will be missed!! But her memory will definitely live on!

    Welcome to Weekly Geeks!

  5. Blogging is such fun. I’ve just dropped in from Weekly Geeks and thought I would leave a note. All the best for 2009 Gavin

  6. Welcome to the world of book blogging, this is a wonderful community =)

  7. Welcome to the Geek Community!

  8. Another Weekly Geeks visitor here! Seems like the OEDILF site is a unanimous hit with this crowd! Maybe we’ll see some Weekly Geek submissions one day.

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