Weekly Geeks – Passions – 1/30/09


This mini challenge found here.

This week’s Weekly Geek is inspired by Dewey’s Knit-a-Long, a mini challenge of Dewey’s Reading Challenge. Dewey had other passions besides reading and blogging. Knitting was one of them. This made me think, what are the Weekly Geek’s other passions?

#1. What are you passionate about besides reading and blogging? For example, are you crafty (knitting, woodworking, scrapbooking, model building)? Do you cook? Into gaming (computer or board)? Sports (player or spectator)? Photography? Maybe you like geocaching, rock climbing? Or love attending events like renaissance fairs, concerts? Music? Dancing? You get the idea.

Tell us why you’re passionate about it. Post photos of what you’ve made or of yourself doing whatever it is you love doing.

When I first read this mini-challenge I thought about several things that I like to do.  Gardening, art (mostly playing around with watercolors), learning new recipes.  None of these things struck a cord so I figured I’d wait or skip this one.  It was late so I read for a while and fell asleep.  I woke up early, my mind going a zillion miles an hour, thinking about what I love.

The beach at Shilshole

The beach at Shilshole

All my life the place where I live has been extremely important to me.  By place meaning I mean the actual place, the land, the natural environment. I am very lucky. I live in Seattle and we are blessed with a huge body of water known as the Puget Sound.  Years ago a dear friend told me about a volunteer program she helps organize.  It’s called the Volunteer Beach Naturalist Program and it’s run by King County, The Seattle Aquarium and several other agencies.My friend dragged me to a meeting and I was hooked.  For several weeks during spring and summer volunteers staff 7 beaches on Puget Sound and talk to the public about the beaches and the animals that live there. I get out to the beach and talk to people about the place where I live.  I am, by nature, a hermit, so this is very good for me.  It hones my social skills.  I believe if I can convince one person to stop using chemical fertilizer on their lawn or take their car to a car wash instead of washing it in the street I have done some good.

This summer will be my eighth year with this program and every year I learn something new.

Ocre Seastar

Ochre Seastar

Moonglow Anemone

Moonglow Anemone

I know the animals that live along the tide line, the fish that live in the near shore, the importance of the near shore and beaches for our salmon.

I know about our local Orca pods and am slowly learning about the birds of Seattle.  When I travel I make sure to visit beaches or parks or nature centers, to stay connected to where I am.  This program is one of the things that keeps me sane.

L pod

L pod

#2. Get us involved. Link to tutorials, recipes, Youtube videos, websites, fan sites, etc, anything that will help us learn more about your interest or how to do your hobby. Maybe you’d like to link to another hobbyist whose work you admire or tell us about a book or magazine related to your interest.

Inlets in Puget Sound

Inlets in Puget Sound

If you love where you live, get involved.  Most communities, even very  small ones, have local environmental programs that need volunteers.  Check out local parks, museums, schools.  If being out side and maybe getting wet or mucky is not your thing how about a local history museum, art museum or food bank.  Do not feel intimidated by your lack of knowledge, the volunteer programs will give you what you need and are grateful for your help.

There are guide books written about many things that can you help out , Beach Naturalists  rely on several when we’re on the beach.



#3. Visit other Weekly Geeks. Link in your post to other Geeks who’ve peaked your interest in their passion. Or maybe you might find a fellow afincionado among us, link to them.

What wonderful posts!  I could get lost in them for hours.  I love the music Nymeth wrote about and Ali’s playlist.  Claire posted some great art, hope we get to see some of her own work sometime.  More art at The Dark, creepy thought, watch out for sharp objects!  There are so many others, just go here and go through the list! Oh, and I love Lydia’s pups!


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10 responses to “Weekly Geeks – Passions – 1/30/09

  1. What a wonderful post! I myself love the water and cannot imagine living anywhere without the beach.. but unlike you I haven’t really done anything about it.. just enjoying it. You gave me some thoughts.. thanks.

  2. What a great passion _ and lovely photos, too.
    Thanks for sharing :)
    Happy Weekly Geeks

  3. Ali

    Wonderful post! I’m in Portland so not far from you, and I love the Puget Sound, too.

  4. Kim

    Go You!!! I live in Kent now, and grew up in Shoreline. I can’t imagine living anywhere else–the Puget Sound is truly stunning and I feel so blessed to live by it too.

  5. What a great post! Beautiful photos too.

  6. How beautiful! I’m adding your neck of the woods to my ever-growing places to see. Don’t worry, I’m a good tourist.

  7. That’s a very admirable passion. I truly do admire people who get involved in their community!

  8. How great that you are so in love with where you live! Thanks for sharing with us.

  9. I love all the sea life in tidal pools. It would be very interesting to learn more.

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