Sunday Salon

tssbadge31What I’ve been doing this week…

I finished several books including a young adult novel entitled “The Leanin’ Dog” and some marvelous poetry by a poet I’d never heard of named Mislawa Szymborska.  A friend suggested I read her.  She is a  Polish Nobel laureate who writes as if she where sitting in front of you telling you a story or having a conversation.

015101220201_sx140_sclzzzzzzz_The book, “Monologue of a Dog”, is in Polish and English. I wish I could read Polish.  I’m always afraid I’ll miss something not being able to read a work in it’s original language.

I started The Berlin Diaries and The Hunger Games.  I spent too much time reading blogs.  I discover new ones every day and some are deep and rich, like chocolate.


I took some students to the zoo and we watched the Lowland Gorillas.  They are beautiful and I wanted to reach in and rub my hands in a silverback’s dense fur.   The girls sat sketching them for 45 minutes.  Later one said to me  “..I drew for so long I didn’t even realize I was cold..”.

Did I say I love my work?


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  1. Hi! You emailed me asking about the 42 challenge…I’d love to have you join in!

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