Sunday Salon

tssbadge32 Good book week, lots of things from the library.  I finished Berlin Diaries for the War Through The Generations challenge and will review it tonight or tomorrow.  Started reading a book called A Chance Meeting, suggesting by someone on Goodreads. It’s great fun.   Am also reading two novels, The Resurrectionist and Salt.  I’m not sure about the first one but am enjoying the second one.  It is lyrical and dark, with descriptions of  salt marshes and fens that bring that sharp, bitter scent to mind.  I would really love to visit the area of England that Page is writing about.  Must be because I grew up next to the ocean.

159962048001_sx140_sclzzzzzzz_Got a chance to read the Oxford Project.  This book is amazing.  Luckily my library has it, as it is pretty expensive.  Check your library or check out the website.

I also got some great books in the mail.   Funny they all showed up at once…

080504671201_sx140_sclzzzzzzz_ Song for the Blue Ocean by Carl Safina

155054954501_sx140_sclzzzzzzz_ The Last Great Sea by Terry Glavin

and The Unnatural History of the Sea by Callum Roberts




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4 responses to “Sunday Salon

  1. Enjoy your new books! I haven’t read any, but The Unnatural History of the Sea has a lovely cover. And I was looking it up just now and it sounds like something I’d really enjoy. I love finding non-fiction suggestions, so thanks!

  2. Hello! I found your blog through Sunday Salon. I agree…I’d likely pick up The Unnatural History of The Sea just for the cover alone.

  3. Wow I’m jealous of your 3 ‘sea’ books! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on them.. :)

  4. I hadn’t heard about the Oxford Project before, but it certainly looks interesting. I’ll have to see if my library has a copy.

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