Orbis Terrarum 2009!


Main Challenge Rules:
*The Orbis Terrarum Challenge begins March 1 2009(you are welcome to join later) Through the end of 2009.
*For the challenge each reader is to choose 10 books (for the 10 months).
*Each book must from a different country, I have decided to go by the country of origin of the author, or the country he/she lives in is fine as well.
*You don’t have to have a list, that means you can change your mind at any time. As long as there are 10 from 10 different countries, written by 10 different authors: Anything goes.

The bottom line: choose 10 different books, written by 10 different authors, from 10 different countries.


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One response to “Orbis Terrarum 2009!

  1. Welcome to the OT Challenge!! I love your blog and I am very curious as to your title? Did you love a page 247 of a certain book? It really is a great book blogger title.

    Make sure you check back at the OT blog often, we’ll try to keep you guys having fun :) Let me know if there is anything that you think should be included on the OT blog! I can always use suggestions.

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