Library Loot

Things have gotten out of control.  I usually keep a handle on what I have on hold at the library  but somehow they got away from me this week.  Some of these are for fun and some are for challenges (also for fun).  I can’t get to all of them before they are due back so will have to put some of them on hold again.  What should I choose to start with?067401999701_sx140_sclzzzzzzz_




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4 responses to “Library Loot

  1. I’ve not read any of these! I do remember reading a really compelling review on “What Was Lost”. Not sure if that is helpful…I have the same problem with checking out library books. I try hard to make most of them audio so I can load them on the iPod and return them!

  2. Your books look great! “What was Lost” is on my TBR list. Am I being a bad influence on you? =) Happy reading!

  3. Just start with the one with the fewest pages!

  4. These all look very interesting. I agree with Care, start with the shortest.

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