The Writers Who Have Influenced Meme

A brilliant meme from Vasilly who got it from So Many Books.  Name 25 writers who have influenced you. water-liliesThese are not necessarily your favorite writers or those you most admire, but writers who have influenced you. Then you tag can tag 25 people with the meme.  I am not going to tag people but would love to see your list if you are so inclined.

This was extremely difficult for me.  I had to cull the poets and the nature writers and the essayists and still had to set a limit of those authors born before the middle of the twentieth century.  There are many that I had to cull from this list!  I surprised myself.  I guess I never realized  much I’ve taken in over my life time.  Or maybe I’m just easily influenced!

Author born in:

1564 William Shakespeare

1797 Mary Shelly

1809 Edgar Allen Poe

1812 Charles Dickens

1828 Leo Tolstoy

1832 Lewis Carroll

1838 Mark Twain

1847 Bram Stoker

1849 Sarah Orne Jewett

1873 Willa Cather

1882 Virginia Woolf

1901 Jorge Luis Borges

1901 Zora Neale Huston

1901 Katherine Mansfield

1901 JRR Tolkien

1909 Eudora Welty

1920 Ray Bradbury

1925 Flannery O’Conner

1926 Harper Lee

1927 Gabriel Garcia Marquez

1929 Ursula Le Guin

1930 Chinua Achebe

1938 Raymond Carver

1939 Margaret Atwood

1947 Salman Rushdie

Oh, gosh, I forgot Orwell and Steinbeck.  Can I cheat a little?  Did I mention science fiction?  Mysteries?



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2 responses to “The Writers Who Have Influenced Meme

  1. Vasilly

    I love your list. Do you know I have almost every author on my TBR list? Of course you can cheat!

  2. Oh, I have Sea of Poppies on my Orbis Terrarum list! Can’t wait to read your thoughts. Will you be reviewing Monsters of Templeton?

    Have a lovely evening!

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