Sunday Salon


Ah, what strange weather we’re having.  I woke up to huge, puffy flakes of snow.  So big they went splosh when they hit the sidewalk, and now the sun is out, the wind it up and it is raining.  What  New Englanders call a squall. Amazing.  I love the wildness of it.

What I am reading right now:  Dangerous Laughter: Thirteen Stories by Steven Millhauser

From The Room in the Attic, page 41:  I stepped into a dark brown sunless room with drawn shades.  One of the shades was  torn at the side, letting in a line of light.  “Watch out,” Wolf said, “Don’t move,” as he crossed the room to an old brass floor lamp with a fringed yellowish shade and pulled the chain.  The light, dark as butterscotch, shown on an old armchair that sat in the corner and looked wrong in some way.  But what struck me was the book-madness of the place–books lay scattered across the unmade bed and the top of a battered-looking desk, books stood in knee-high piles on the floor, books were crammed sideways and right side up in a narrow bookcase that rose higher than my head and leaned dangerously from the wall, books at in stacks on top of a dingy dresser.  The closet door was propped open with a pile of books, and from beneath the bed a book stuck out beside the toe of a maroon slipper.

This week I finished The Ascent of Money, Waiting for the Barbarians and The Monsters of Templeton.  I Picked up some good books from the library.



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Have a great week!



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6 responses to “Sunday Salon

  1. lol, there’s a passage a lot like that in Cornelia Funke’s Inkheart. Both paint a familiar picture :P Have a great week yourself!

  2. Vasilly

    I loved the passage. You picked up some great reads! I keep forgetting to check out the Smiley book. I can’t wait to read your thoughts on the books. Have a great week and happy reading!

  3. Vasilly

    I read River of Words last month and loved it. It’s such a great story! Any more suggestions?

  4. lena

    I don’t know about you – but I feel like snow in March in Seattle needs to stop :(

  5. LOvely passage, and some lovely loot you’ve got there. The Sea of Poppies cover is beautiful. The one I read has a different one. Have a great week too!

  6. so want to read Sea of Poppies- can’t wait to read your review! :-)

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