napowrimo #4


Won’t be able to do this every day but at least it will get me back to writing!

The prompt:

Saturdays in my town people go to the hardware store to stock up on supplies for sprucing up their homes. Spring is a great time to apply a fresh coat of paint on old furniture, walls or maybe even a poem or two! Here’s the idea –- go to the hardware store (or an online paint store), and look up some colors you like. They tend to have evocative names, like white truffle or blackberry harvest.

Maybe the whole idea of a hardware store makes you yawn, or worse, cringe. If so, head over to the make up counter, or browse the Clinique Eyeshadow store online.

The idea is to find a color or two, write the phrase on a card, and then write down the associations you have with the phrase. Do a five minute free-write, and then turn your musings into a poem.

The poem:


Step out the back door.

A band of color between

horizon and sky.

Yellow fades to gray

gray to violet

violet to deepest blue.

Shadows pocket under trees.

Small birds settle.

A wind chime.

A cat returning home.

Turning, the sudden wash

of light, a rising moon.



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14 responses to “napowrimo #4

  1. “Shadows pocket under trees”
    What a great phrase!

  2. Yeah, that line popped right out at me, too! And I love the moon at the end!

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  4. “a cat returning home”

    that is a poem in itself… ;)

  5. rikkiscraps

    This is beautiful. “a cat returning home” reminds me of Issa. I agree with Angie.

  6. I hadn’t heard of napowrimo before, I don’t think. What an excellent idea. And I like your poem a lot :)

  7. you caught the moments so clearly and poetically… beautiful

  8. Lovely, Gavin. I love especially the first and last lines both.

  9. Nicely reported, I like the detail about the wind chime and the cat coming home!

  10. “band of color between horizon and sky” I love this. I love painting this image where the sky meets the horizon.

  11. Vasilly

    “A band of color between horizon and sky.” I’m loving it!

  12. Thank you to all who left wonderful comments. I feel very inspired. This is the first poem I have posted to my blog!

  13. Wonderful! Twilight is such a magical time, and you’ve captured that so well.

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