NaPoWriMo #5


To find out the lastest prompt go here.

This one snuck up on me because I started late and did not see the first prompt.  I tried creating my own word list, asked my sweetie, checked the web.  When I started to choose words I got this very silly rhythm in my head and could not shake it.  So here is something I think is weird  but it was  fun to write.  I really have no idea where this came from.

The forest he enters

A crow, no bird, watching

So softly in silence

He walks to the plain


A river, a ribbon

The rushes stand over

A willow, resplendent

And waiting for rain


A heron flies over

Some folded enchantment

And dips to the water

To stand in the cane


The man bound for chaos

Would settle for comfort

So turns to the forest

His path to regain

(I had to put the lines in because I couldn’t get WordPress to double space between stanzas.)



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4 responses to “NaPoWriMo #5

  1. I like this poem. Good rhythm to it. Nicely done.

  2. Jimmmaaa – Thank you

  3. I can assure you it’s also fun to read :)

  4. Nymeth – Thanks, I think I was influenced by some of the lovely poems you posted!

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