NaPoWriMo #9


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NaPoWriMo: 30 Poems in 30 days.

ReadWritePoem is committed to giving you a new prompt every day of the month, so you can NaPoWriMo, or simply immerse yourself in as much poetry as you want to or can during April.

#9 – Paradise

The engine’s steady low rumble

It is still light, one in the morning

Light layered with silver from

A rising moon on deck, silent

Three others watching, there is no way

I can sleep, afraid of what I’ll miss

Knowing that above us to the East

There are nothing but icefields

And the animals that live there

No human mark at all that I know of

And it’s such a relief, knowing

Thin sickle of beach, tangle of driftwood

Strands of falling water and at a distance

The blow of a whale



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7 responses to “NaPoWriMo #9

  1. I like the images of being on a boat.
    Good poem.

  2. This creates such a serene mood – love the last 4 lines.

  3. wow… the silence of beauty overwhelming out on the sea… there is no other place such as the sea and the shore…

  4. Liz

    The ice, the sea, the blow of a whale: wonderful images.

  5. From the sea where viewing a place where there’s no ‘human mark’ to spoil things. I love ‘thin sickle of beach, tangle of driftwood’.

  6. Jimmmaaa – I am most a peace by or on the water.

    Tamra – It was serene, thank you.

    pieceofpie – I agree, I am happiest at the seaside.

    Liz – Thank you!

    watermaid – When I was visiting this place, realizing there were few if any humans on the land above us was pretty astounding. Thank you.

  7. lovely imagery and a beautiful sense of remoteness

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