NaPoWriMo #10


The prompt for today is Found Poetry.

For the latest poetry prompt visit readwritepoem.


If we keep the eyes open in a totally dark place,

a certain sense of privation is experienced.

If we look on a white,

strongly illumined surface,

the eye is dazzled, and for a time

is incapable of distinguishing

objects moderately lighted.

If we pass suddenly from the one state

to the other, even without supposing

these to be the extremes, but only,

perhaps, a change from bright to dusky,

the difference is remarkable, and we

find that the effects last for some time.

The cases here under consideration

occur oftener than we are aware

in ordinary life; indeed,

an attentive observer sees these

appearances everywhere, while,

on the other hand, the uninstructed,

like our predecessors, consider them

as temporary visual defects, sometimes

even as symptoms of disorders in the eye,

thus exciting serious apprehensions.

A few remarkable instances may here be inserted.

I had entered an inn towards evening, and,

as a well-favoured girl, with a brilliantly

fair complexion, black hair, and a scarlet bodice,

came into the room, I looked attentively at her

as she stood before me at some distance

in half shadow.

As she presently afterwards turned away,

I saw on the white wall,

which was now before me,

a black face surrounded with a bright light,

while the dress of the perfectly distinct figure

appeared of a beautiful sea-green.

From Theory of Colours by Johann Wolfgang van Goethe.  This is one of my all time favorite books.  Of course Goethe was also a playwright and poet so perhaps this is cheating.

Goethe’s Theory of Colours from Google Books.

Project Gutenberg is another wonderful resource for ebooks.



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4 responses to “NaPoWriMo #10

  1. Reading this makes you wonder about paths not taken; what would we be dissecting today if he had picked up a brush instead of a pen?

    Good choice.

  2. Liz

    This flows so poetically when you break the lines. It’s great to slow his thinking down this way to ponder it better.

  3. I agree with liz and if you cheated so did I. ;)

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