NaPoWriMo #11

napowrimo2009_11Wonderful poetry prompts to inspire you at ReadWitePoem found here.

I am using prompt #8, flames, for poem #11.  This is not finished

She remembered that time in the tub

splashing so fiercely they never noticed

the sting of the soap til his mom,

laughing, came in with the towels and

they both started to cry and she ran,

dripping, down the hall and down the stairs.


On the trail in back of his house

Bets and the boys behind them trying

so hard to catch up and never succeeding.

At the cape, on the rocks

she was braver then he was but

he was funnier and better at drawing.


High school hit them so hard they did not

know what to say other than a whispered hello

in the hallway except for prom night when

she asked him and they never even made it

through the door just drove and drove

heading to the port, to the sea.



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