NaPoWriMo #12

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The Dogwood offered an escape

I was careful climbing out

The window, only used it twice.

In bloom, the pedals were thick,

Cream-colored, pink-edged

Soft as my brother’s bottom.

At night car lights flashed

Branched shadows,  patterns

Of rain drops along the wall

Behind my bed wide wake

Lying there waiting for sleep

Listening for the party to be over.

In July, after school was out

Twilight through the window

Awake again, late,  still light out

Sounds from older kids

In the Fry’s pool, laughing

The smell of a barbecue.

The windows are wide open

The air dead still, drenched

So hot I strip off my pajamas

The cool sheet a relief but I dream

My mother’s yelling “You’re naked!

You can’t sleep naked!”

In late September, walking to school

Kicking through dead leaves

That crumbly, sweet, dry,

Red-orange scent rising around us

Pops burning piles of them in the yard

Roving smoke, tears in our eyes.

Halloween, skeletal leaves

Skidder down the street

Running from house to house,

My little brother in tow

Streetlights dropping puddles of

Yellow on the sidewalk.

The witch’s house on the corner.

In winter cars buried to their windows

The squeak of snow, days off

The school furnace broken down

Dad not able to reach the office.

Pulling us up the hill

Down we’d go shouting.

Up and down endlessly

The dog barking the whole way.

Until cold, wet, exhausted

Trudging  home, joyful

The red front door gleaming

Bright in all that snow


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4 responses to “NaPoWriMo #12

  1. I love the opening line ‘The Dogwood offered an escape’ from which you take us through seasonal childhood memories with which we can all empathise before returning home through ‘the red door gleaming’.

  2. Liz

    You have so many evocative images here and appeal to all the senses.

  3. What a detailed and lovely look at your childhood. I love how you incorporate the seasons.

  4. Watermaid – Thank you, I enjoyed writing this one.

    Liz – Thanks for your kind words.

    Erin – Thank you!

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