Short Story Weekend

out3shortstoryFor the Once Upon A Time III challenge.  A story about a poet from Fantasy: The Best of the Year 2007, edited by Rich Horton, Prime Books, 2007.

The Water Poet and The Four Seasons by David J. Schwartz is a short, sweet, lyrical story about traveling through the  seasons, writing poems, and love.  The poet, commissioned to write poems for each season, lives a  full life during a year before passing on the job to another.  It is like the pagan round of the King, with birth, childhood, marriage, children, the mellowing of old age and death happening in a compressed period of time.  There is an acorn, and an oak tree.

Of course, being a water-poet, the poems are all about weather, spring showers, cold drizzle storms and snow.

Summer has a list inside a waterproof sleeve. “Three dozen thunderstorms, eleven with tornadoes.  Sixteen sun showers sonnets.  Hail the size of robin eggs.”

Schwartz has fun with alliteration, never heavy handed, just enough to bring a chuckle.  I enjoyed this story and, not being familiar with the author, will look up, and read his other work.


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2 responses to “Short Story Weekend

  1. Sounds like an absolutely delightful story :) And how fitting that it’s about a poet!

  2. Love the poem you included! Sounds like a wonderful story.

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