Sunday Salon


We actually had indications of Spring on Monday and Tuesday, warm and sunny.  I visited the beach with friends and had a picnic lunch!

Don’t forget, next Saturday, April 18th,  is Dewey’s 24-Hour Read-a-Thon!  I have signed up to be a cheerleader and will read along as I can. deweys-readathonbutton.

As for this week’s  reading I finished and reviewed Steer Toward Rock and Hiroshima as well as finishing two books in the Fable series, Animal Farm and Storybook Love.  I am enjoying the series, it is well written and beautifully drawn.  I also read The Rabbits by John Marsden, illustrated by Shaun Tan, which I plan on reviewing later this week .

I  finally got Egg & Nest from the library.  067403172501_sx140_sy225_sclzzzzzzz_This book is filled with stunning photographs of some of the treasures from the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology in Camarillo, California. It includes a vivid history of egg  collecting,  and information on the biology and ecology of the birds that produced the eggs.  The practice of collecting started during the Victorian era and, in some cases, was very extreme.  It is now strictly regulated and even illegal in some countries.  Like any biological collecting from this era, I am appalled at the amount destruction but fascinated by the history and science.  Through the years the WFVZ has acquired collections from many sources and now makes them available to scholars and researchers.

printz1Nymeth at Things Mean Alot had this new challenge  on her Sunday Salon post and I wanted to add a bit about it here. Presented by Jessica and Suey, the Printz Project is an perpetual challenge to read the Printz Award winners (and honors if you chose).  There is no time limit on this one.   The list of Printz winners is here.

I have just finished The Flying Troutmans and will review it shortly, and am excited about starting  Someone Knows My Name (published as The Book of Negros in Canada).  Have a great week!

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4 responses to “Sunday Salon

  1. I can’t wait for Read-a-Thon. The most difficult part for me is staying awake during the long night. Hope to have some good books on hand to keep me awake.

  2. I’m so glad you’ll be a cheerleader for the read-a-thon! The cheerleaders are a huge part of what makes it so fun.

  3. I read your review of Hiroshima, I really enjoyed reading that book too. I have not read any of the others you mention but I’m interested in what you have to say about The Flying Troutmans.

  4. You are an amazingly fast reader! If only I could read half of what you do! BTW, I just got back from vacation. I know I’ve been absent here for the last two weeks, but I should be back in business now! I have a fellow blogger that has a major love affair with The Flying Troutmans. I’ll also look forward to your review!

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