Another Challenge?!

graphic-novel-button2 Laza at Gimme More Books invited me to join the Graphic Novels Challenge.  I’m thrilled with this as I read them anyway.   Now I will try and review them.

Laza and Vasillyat 1330v have already introduced me to some great new titles to add to my piles!



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4 responses to “Another Challenge?!

  1. You know, that is one genre I have not explored. I’ve cut myself off from challenges right now, until get myself back on track with the ones I have! Good luck to you! I’ll be very interested in what you decide to read!

  2. I’m having so much fun with this challenge so far. I’m glad you’re in too! There are books for every taste in this medium and I’m sure you’ll find some you’ll love :)

  3. Sandy – I really feel like I’m doing okay with my challenges (except for the sci fi one, seems to have gotten swamped by everything else) and I read graphic novels anyway. The really challenge will be reviewing them

    Nymeth – I think it will be great fun and am excited about being introduced to new authors and artists.

  4. Vasilly

    This is a great challenge. I’m glad you’re joining it. I’ve ran into so many great books in this genre, I can rarely write reviews of them.

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