NaPoWriMo #19

napowrimo2009_11 Prompts for National Poetry Month are found at ReadWritePoem.

…the “real” prompt for today is friendship. Write about the blessing that is a true friend or the heartache that comes from losing one. Tell us how you are a good friend (or where you fall short). Have you ever betrayed a friend or been disappointed by a friend? Have you ever slept with a friend? Did you marry a friend? Describe one of your actual friends. An old friend. A new friend. An imaginary friend. Remember an adventure you took with a friend or one you’d like to plan. What is it about friendship that we seek so consistently throughout our lives? Think of the ways in which we become friends with people. Think about how we lose touch. This one’s for G.

The First Time

I knew we would be

friends was on that trip to

Bellingham, remember?

We had tapes but grew tired of them.

We had talked about the day.

We had run through everything,

even the strange weather.

You were silent, watching

the trees and the river.

I was silent, listening

to you being silent.

My arm draped across

the seat behind your  neck.

Warm September air moved around us.

I noticed there was no need to talk.


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7 responses to “NaPoWriMo #19

  1. I love your poems, Gavin. “I was silent, listening to you being silent.” That’s my favorite line.

  2. Yes. Sometimes it is silence that tells us. Nice work.

  3. alirambles

    I like all your poems, but this one is particularly beautiful. Thanks for sharing them.

  4. Liz

    That moment when you realize you can enjoy silence with someone is special indeed. You capture it well.

  5. Vasilly – The ReadWritePoem prompts have been really good for me. I haven’t written poetry in a while and am happy to get back to it.

    Erin – Thank you.

    alirambles – Thanks!

    Liz – Being comfortable in silence is very special and very important to me. Thank you.

  6. Gavin,

    Thank you for creating and sharing! Sometimes the most special moments are really the ones where there is no need to talk, simply shared silence…

    SO beautiful AND True!

    D a r i n a

  7. LOL When I’m silent he wonders what’s going on inside my “pretty” head ;-).

    GREAT poem!

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