NaPoWriMo #25/#27

Poetry prompts from ReadWritePoem.  We are near the end of National Poetry Month and I want to thank the kind folks at ReadWritePoem for their wonderful, inspiring prompts.  I have missed a few days and am attempting to play catch up but don\’t feel pressured to complete all of them.  This process has been great for me, I am excited to be writing poetry after a long hiatus and will continue to do so.  In fact I may have to start a blog just for poems!

Experiment #53

You will need a heat source and a stand for this experiment.

A Bunsen burner will do, also two beakers, one half-filled with

water and one empty, a glass rod, a small copper kettle,

a long-handled measuring spoon, protective gloves and goggles.

You will be combining two elements of dissimilar properties.

This could be impossible, but it may work if enough heat is applied.

Take the keys from your assistant. Ask your assistant to leave the laboratory.

Unlock the cabinet. Remove the containers marked #131 and #97

and place them on the table in front of you. Remove the cover from

the container marked #97 and measure two rounded spoonfuls

into the copper kettle.  Please be careful not to spill any of the granules

as it could endanger your life and the lives of those around you.

Place the cover back on the container and return it to the cabinet.

Put on the goggles. Remove the cover from the container marked #131.

Measure one level spoonful into the empty beaker, add enough water to

turn the powder into a thin liquid and stir, being careful not to inhale any of

the fumes. They are wicked. Place the cover back on container #131 and

return it to the cabinet, being sure to lock both locks.

Pour the liquid mixture into the granules in the copper kettle making sure

the kettle is not leaking.  Cover the kettle and place it on your heat source.

Set your timer.  If you need to you may visit the restroom at this time.

Please make sure to wash your hands. When the timer rings

remove the kettle from the heat and wait two minutes before removing the lid.

To open it any sooner is sheer lunacy. You should  be wearing your

goggles. Look at your specimen. It should have a triclinic crystalline form.

If it has a dendritic form you have not been careful with your measurements.

If is begins to deliquesce, place the lid back on the kettle, walk  backwards out

of the laboratory, keeping your eye on the kettle at all times and making sure

to turn off the lights when you reach  the exit.  Leave the laboratory.

Close and lock the door. Do not return.


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One response to “NaPoWriMo #25/#27

  1. This took me right back to the chemistry lab. What did the mad scientist have in those containers?

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