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wgbookpileWeekly Geeks is here.  This week W.G. is hosted by Care!

How do you review?

1. Explain your review format – if you have one. Or maybe your rating system?

I didn’t think I had a format but as I look back I can see one developing.

I always include an image of the cover.

I have started to include the publisher and year of publication with the book  title and often link to LibraryThing.

I write a brief description of the story line.

I like to include bits of the text, usually something that has struck me while reading.

I have started including links to interesting bits of information, either about the book or the author.

I link to other reviews.

I am beginning to trust my instincts.  I try and keep things short and sweet, and write a bit about my response to what I read.  I haven’t developed a rating system yet but have been thinking about it.

2. Highlight another book-blogger’s review format by linking to a favorite example – don’t forget to tell us why they are a fave!

I can’t pick just one!

1330v – I love the way Vassily writes about what she’s read, very clear and concise and yet very descriptive.  I enjoy her choice of  text that she includes in her reviews.

Fyrefly’s Book Blog –  I like the way Fyrefly has the reviews organized with a summery, review and recommendations section.  I also appreciate all the links!

things mean alot – I love  Nymeth’s honesty and clarity.

3. Do a review in another book-blogger’s format of your latest read. I did this just the other day when I had read a great post discussing what makes a good review and ‘borrowing’ from a comment by Ramya. That post was one of Bethany’s and my example giving Ramya the credit is here.

Maybe later..

4. Highlight a past review that you are particularly proud of and why the format or structure may have had something to do with it.

I am proud of my reviews for Sea of Poppies and Someone Knows My Name.  I enjoyed writing them and doing a bit of digging about the history involved in both novels.  They are both “dense” reads and gave me lots to think about.

Writing reviews is an interesting process.  Sometimes the words are right there, everything is clear and I know exactly what I want to say.  Other times it is a struggle.  I don’t review all the books I read and really admire those bloggers who do!



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7 responses to “Weekly Geeks

  1. I so agree that writing reviews is ‘interesting’, Sometimes it is sooo easy and some – even books that I loved – are difficult to write. Thanks for playing!

  2. My reviews tend to be visceral reactions mostly. Good answer :)

  3. Aww, thank you so much for the kind words, Gavin! You should trust your instincts – I love your style.

  4. I know what you mean when you said sometimes it is a struggle to write the review. Sometimes I find if the book is not one I like then I have something to say but if I like it then I have a hard time coming up with unrepeated things to say.

  5. Thanks, Gavin! I think we’re all changing the way we review over time. I am. I agree that it’s a struggle. Sometimes I feel so good about a review and other times I rather not write.

  6. Thank you! I use the three-part format mostly as a means of keeping my own thoughts organized, but if it helps other people navigate my posts, so much the better! I agree with Vasilly that review structure changes over time for everyone… my reviews now are very different than they were a year or two ago.

  7. Gavin,

    I love links, too. Great post and I’ll be checking out the reviewers you recommend.

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