Sunday Salon

TSSbadge3It has been a long week.  It always is this time of year.  Students are excited, we have many events planned and no one seems to get enough sleep.  We will be camping Monday-Wednesday.  Again, students plan meals and activities and this time we will have the whole class, first years through fifth years.

My experience with National Poetry Month and ReadWritePoem was really inspiring and I am determined to keep at it.  So much so that I am developing a blog for poetry.  I will be posting poetry using prompts and whatever else I come up with.

As for what I’m reading, still working on Half A Yellow Sun, I’m having to read it slowly, to take it all in.  I’m also still reading Song For The Blue Ocean and I started The Lost City of Z and finished the first book in Ursula Le Guin’s Annals of the Western Shore series for young adults, Gifts.  I loved it and hope to review it later this week.  What are you reading?

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12 responses to “Sunday Salon

  1. Happy Sunday, Gavin! I’m also still reading Half of a Yellow Sun. Really loving it, but being so busy the past week and this weekend, I can’t seem to finish. I will try to finish today or tomorrow, hopefully.

  2. I think half the blogging world is reading Half of a Yellow Sun right now. I feel left out! I just started a new book called “Every Man Dies Alone” for my WWII reading challenge. I was intrigued with the premise, as well as the fact that it seemed to be a unique book that I’ve not heard anything about. I’m just having difficulties digging into it. I think I will go right now and see if I can make any headway!

    • I have “Every Man Dies Alone” on my list for the WWII challenge too. I can’t remember where I heard about it but then lately I can’t remember most things!

  3. The poems you wrote last month were great and I hope you keep it up. The camping trip sounds like so much fun. I haven’t read Half of a Yellow Sun but I will put it on my list. I have no idea what to read this weekend. Luckily I’m surrounded by great books. Have a good week and happy reading!

  4. Lu

    I have a new poetry reading challenge if you’re interested! Hope you like Half of a Yellow Sun. :D

  5. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Gifts! I think the Annals of the Western Shore series is one of the best things she’s done <3

    • I don’t know why I didn’t get to this series before now. Got lost in all the piles and lists of things to read, I guess.

      I loved “Gifts” and hope to review it this weekend. My laptop is at the “doctor’s” and all my notes are on it! Hopefully it will come home tomorrow.

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