Library Loot – May 20-26, 2009

library-loot Just got back from the library with a lovely haul of books, some of them for challenges, others just because I couldn’t resist them.

First the library books.  The Swallows of Kabul for the Orbis Terrarum and Lost In Translation challenges, a book I first read about at The Compost HeapOff With Their Heads, for Once Upon A Time III, plus Fragile Things and Voices thanks to Nymeth at  things mean a lotYou Are Here: A Portable History of the Universe for the Science Book Challenge.  The rest are books I just want to read,  The Cellist of Sarajevo, People of the Whale and By The Light of the Glow-Worm Lamp.






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6 responses to “Library Loot – May 20-26, 2009

  1. It’s so nice to connect with others who get as giddy as I do about a trip to the library. Happy reading.

  2. Eva

    Sounds like a good haul! :)

  3. A trip to the library is like a free shopping spree! In my case, I order them online and they are delivered to me. So I feel like I’ve just shopped at Amazon! I always give a little squeal when I see the package propped up at my door.

  4. I liked The Swallows of Kabul. I look forward to your thoughts on it.

  5. Fragile Things is one of my favorite books by Gaiman. Happy reading.

  6. Off With Their Heads sounds excellent! I love Maria Tatar. I hope you enjoy Fragile Things!

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