Weekly Geeks – Guilty Pleasures

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This week’s task was sent in by Maree of Just Add Books, who’s been thinking about those things that we do when we’re not reading or blogging. Here’s what Maree has to say:

The comments on this post of mine got me thinking about guilty pleasures. Non-reading guilty pleasures. Mine at the time the post was written was American Idol. Particularly one contestant, as you can see. By now, the show is over, and the results are in, one way or another. But my inappropriate addiction to Idol got me thinking about the things we do that we love but that we don’t like to admit to–our guilty pleasures. Mine is reality TV, which scratches that small, dark place that we all have.

So. Weekly Geeks, we’re going into the confessional this week.

What’s your non-reading guilty pleasure?

I’m glad to play along.

Pleasure #1 –

I don’t watch TV,  but I do borrow or rent DVD’s from my library or our wonderful neighborhood video store.  What kind of DVD’s?  Mostly British and cable TV series and a few movies, most recently Frost/Nixon ( a great film, by the way.)

SciFi:  Battlestar Galactica, Eureka, Firefly, Dr. Who and if I need a fix, X Files.

Spy stuff:  Alias, MI-5(Spooks), Alex Guinness as George Smiley.

British police dramas: Prime Suspect, Cracker, Wire in the Blood.

and the exception to the rule of lousy American television: The Wire

Pleasure #2 –

Video games!  Particularly the hidden object variety.  I can sit for hours playing these silly things.  It’s challenging and it’s fun!


What are your guilty pleasures?


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9 responses to “Weekly Geeks – Guilty Pleasures

  1. American Idol was one of mine too. Is every season. We also religiously watch The Amazing Race and Survivor (although I am almost over Survivor). I am almost relieved when the season is over and I can move on to my other pleasure…movies. Any kind, any language, you name it. And I know better than to get within 10 feet of my son’s video games, or I will be on there all day!

  2. I wrote about my DVD Collection. We have a few things in common: Firefly, Doctor Who and more generally British television.

  3. uncertainprinciples

    I enjoyed X-Files ’til Season 4. Just recently finished watching all of Alias, which I was kind-of addicted to. Plan to start watching Spooks sometime soon.

    Oh, and I like video games. Any favorite consoles/games?

  4. I don’t play video games, but I do love a good movie. Oh, and Dr Who, although I’m still gutted about David Tennant
    Happy Weekly Geeks :)

  5. Great post. I used to play a lot of Playstation games, but haven’t played for many years :) But I really loved to play games like Crash Bandicoot, Pandemonium etc. Actually feel like playing now ;)

    • Louise – I never played Playstation, just got sucked into some games on my PC then discovered BigFish and Spintop on the web!

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