The 4 Rs Challenge

4rsaddressbutton150A wonderful challenge organized by Fyrefly and Literate Housewife.

The 4 Rs Challenge was created as a way for people to find new books and new authors, as well as a way to let bibliophiles share the love of some of their favorite books.

The way it works is this: You create a thread asking for recommendations for yourself. At the same time, you visit other people’s threads, and make recommendations for books you think *they* would like. Once you have your list of recommendations, you pick one of the books, read it, and review it! Simple!

We’ll repeat this process every three months, so that you can sign up only when you think you have the time (although we hope to see you every round!)

It’s minimal-commitment: In order to complete the challenge, you only have to read one book, plus make recommendations for others.

Visit The 4 Rs Challenge site here.


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2 responses to “The 4 Rs Challenge

  1. Yeah, I am all over this one. Its presence has caused a minor obsession over here at my house. I can’t shut up!

  2. Thanks for the plug – we’re glad to have you participating!

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