Weekly Geeks – It’s Almost Summer!

Another summer theme for this weeks Geeks.  To find out more go here.

A couple of weeks ago our WG theme was the kick off of summer in the US. Right now us geeks in the Northern Hemisphere are anxiously awaiting summer’s arrival (hold on Southern Hemps, I’ll get to you in a moment). For a lot of parents, this means a couple of months wondering what to do with the kiddies who were in school all year. Now I realize not everyone is a parent but I’m almost 100% positive everyone was a kid once. So here’s my challenge, you have several choices:

1) Make a reading list of your favorite children’s (school aged) books to read over the summer.
2) Give us some fun activities to do during the summer.
3) Tell us about a favorite vacation spot. Maybe someone will want to go there too!
4) Tell us about a favorite summer memory you have of being a kid (the time you caught the big one, learning to swim, summer camp, etc).

I’m going for number 3.vcrop3s

I usually take a week to decompress after school ends and then we head off to the ocean, either the Washington or Oregon coast.  We always make sure to spend a few nights in our favorite place, The Sylvia Beach Hotel, in Nye Beach, Oregon.  It is a haven for book lovers, no phones, no TV, a wonderful reading room looking out over the Pacific and each room named and decorated for an author.  This year we’re staying in Tolkin!  If you come to the coast please make sure to check them out.IMG_2281IMG_2297



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8 responses to “Weekly Geeks – It’s Almost Summer!

  1. That is where I want to be! I fear my husband would be bored in a couple of days, but I would be in heaven!

  2. What a gorgeous spot – perfect for some decompressing.
    Happy Weekly Geeks! :)

  3. Oh, I LOVE the Sylvia Beach! My partner & I spent our anniversary in the Virginia Woolf room a few years ago, and dream of going back. Someday I want to stay in the Mark Twain room.

  4. What beautiful photos! Looks like a nice place to visit.

  5. We’ve never stayed there–I hear they don’t allow children! One day, though.

  6. That sounds like a great little place! Do you have any actual photos of the inside of the hotel?

  7. I grew up in Oregon but now live very far away. I sure do miss the Oregon coast!

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