Bloggiesta Ole! Pedro is very cute!

Plan, Edit, Develop, Review, Organize!

I haven’t created a to-do list but I have a plan.  I want to write a couple of reviews, clean up my links, update my pages and check up on challenges.

I started at 9am by writing a review and answering many comments.

Am now working on this fabulous mini-challenge, cleaning up Google reader.

I find I’m getting distracted by mini-challenges.  Back to cleaning up my links!

Cleaned up links and drafts I’m never going to finish.  I completed a couple of mini-challenges, here and here, and now I’m taking a break.

Back since 4:00, cleaned up some challenge pages, wrote a short review and am adding tags to old posts.  It 5:30 and I’m stopping to fix dinner.

It’s Saturday and we have many things to do and a fund-raising auction to attend th is evening, not much time to work on my blog  Good luck to all!

(This post is sticky!)


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2 responses to “Bloggiesta!

  1. LOL Distracted by mini-challenges! I would too! You are doing great!

  2. Good luck! I’ll be rooting you on.

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