Sunday Salon – The Road Trip

Puget  Island

Puget Island, WA

Hello all!  After twelve days of travel on the Oregon Coast and a bit of car trouble in Southern Oregon I am back.  Being without computer access was not as difficult as I thought it would be, but I did miss visiting all my favorite book blogs. There was so much to see and do on our journey and many interesting people to talk to.  I discovered new places I want to visit including Puget Island, WA which is on the Columbia River near Cathlamet.  The island is 7.5 square miles, has a population of about 800 people and is agriculturally based.  Local farms provide flowers, produce and eggs to the Farmer Market and several take their goods to the market in Astoria, about 35 miles down river.  We saw the island from a point of land on the Oregon side and I am enthralled by the place.

We were on the Oregon coast for five days, visiting favorite places and exploring new ones.  Saw tide pool animals, seals, many sea birds and one gray whale.  Spent time walking, reading, visiting bookstores and eating wonderful food.  Again, The Sylvia Beach Hotel in Nye Beach met and exceeded all our expectations.  We stayed in the Tolkien Room!

Cape Lookout, Oregon

Cape Lookout, Oregon

Near Oceanside, Oregon

Near Oceanside, Oregon

Oregon Dunes

Oregon Dunes

Spent some “unexpected” time in Grant’s Pass, Oregon, waiting for a car part.  We visited Crater Lake National Park and the Rogue and Umpqua Rivers.  I love rivers and waterfalls,  and spent  time picnicking beside them and taking pictures.  We also visited a wildlife rehabilitation and education center called Wildlife Images.  I have been to several animal rehabilitation centers and this one is the best I’ve seen.  They do wonderful work and I would suggest anyone traveling through the area would enjoy a visit.  The area around Grant’s Pass is filled with history and I would happily spend more time there.  I particularly want to visit Oregon Caves.  All in all, it was a wonderful, restful trip, even with the car fiasco.

Rogue River, Oregon

Rogue River, Oregon

Clearwater Falls, Umpqua River, Oregon

Clearwater Falls, Umpqua River, Oregon

I read several mysteries while on my trip and a wonderful novel, Lavinia, by Ursula K. Le Guin,  that I plan on reviewing later in the week. Now I need to visit all my favorite bloggers and see what you’ve been up to!

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24 responses to “Sunday Salon – The Road Trip

  1. What gorgeous pictures! I particularly like that last one – it’s so vividly green!

    • Thank you! Clearwater is a beautiful falls that empties into a quiet stream bed lined with rocks and covered in that deep velvety green moss. So cool and beautiful. It is a wonderful place to visit.

  2. Sounds like a great time. Welcome home.

  3. Welcome back! I’ve long since decided you have the most beautiful coastline out there. My best friend from high school lives out there, and I keep saying I need to go visit.

    • Thanks! It is a beautiful coast, in the late 60’s Oregon choose to make the beaches public land and a lot of the beaches are protected state parks. Most of it is pristine. I love it. Where does your friend live? You should visit!

  4. Wow – gorgeous photos! I’ve always wanted to visit the Pacific northwest.

  5. That all sounds amazing! I am more than a little envious. Can’t wait to see what you thought of Lavinia. Keep meaning to read that. Happy reading!

    • Frances – It was a beautiful trip (except for the car fiasco). The ocean always revives me, probably because I grew up next to the Atlantic. I loved Lavinia and will review it soon.

  6. Beautiful photos…and you sound like you had an amazing trip. I love Oregon, and there is still so much I have not seen of that state! My husband and I stayed at the Sylvia Beach Hotel last year and loved it!! What a fantastic place that is…especially for book lovers :) Looking forward to your book reviews!

    • Wendy – The Sylvia Beach is a very special place. That whole neighborhood is just so nice, you could hang out there for days. My only regret is we can’t bring the pup! Your friend Raven is SOOO cute.

      I’ve got to get back into the groove of writing reviews!

  7. Welcome back!

    wow, what lovely pictures. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. And the Tolkien Room! How cool is that?

    I finished Lavinia last week and I adored it. I look forward to your review.

    • It’s good to be back. I love the conversation that’s happening around Diversity Rollcall.

      The Tolkien room was fabulous! I should have taken pictures.

      I loved Lavinia, was really surprised by it. I know I shouldn’t have been, Le Guin is such a master.

  8. Gorgeous pictures.

    After going through seven different caves last week in TN we printed out a list of all the cave tours in the States. Oregon is on the bucket list. :)

    • Christina – Thanks! We will get to Oregon Caves eventually. If you ever happen to go through South Dakota make sure to check out Wind Cave National Park and Jewel Cave National Monument!

  9. Welcome back! I’m so glad that you had a great time. The beach looks so beautiful! Nymeth and Kailana were talking about Lavinia last week. I have it on my TBR list. Glad to have you back!

    • Thanks, it’s good to be back. The beaches in Oregon are beautiful. The state has made an incredible effort to protect them.

      Nymeth told me she’d read Lavinia but I don’t want to read that conversation until I write my review. It is a marvelous book.

  10. I’m so jealous that you got to stay at the Sylvia Beach! I’d love to get back there at some point. Looks like an amazing trip!

    • It was a great trip. We love the Sylvia Beach. I’d love to spend 4-5 days just hanging out there sometime (in the Winter, when the rates are lower!)

  11. absolutely gorgeous photos ! I am envious!

  12. Beautiful photos! Looks like a marvelous trip.

  13. Thanks, it was a great trip. And thanks for writing about Testimony, I’m adding it to my TBR list.

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