White Rapids by Pascal Blanchet – Quebec, Canada

White Rapids by Pascal BlanchetWhRap1897299249.01._SX140_SY225_SCLZZZZZZZ_

translated by Helge Dascher

Drawn & Quarterly,

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


White Rapids is graphic novel that tells the story of  the tiny, company-built town of Rapide Blanc.  Conceived and designed in 1928 by the Shawinigan Water & Power Company, who were building a hydro power dam in the far northern woods of Quebec, the town attracted engineers and workers needed to run the power station.  Accessible only by railroad, it was a self-contained community, with churches, a school, a co-op and all kinds of modern amenities.   Blanchet’s retro-inspired art work, inked in browns and oranges,  captures the feeling of the time, the belief that anything was possible with science and technology.

Blanchet tells the story clearly, with few words.  It is a testament to the time and the the people who built and lived in Rapide Blanc. It is lovingly dedicated to his father.  I really enjoyed this book and think would be a perfect introduction to the graphic novel genre.


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8 responses to “White Rapids by Pascal Blanchet – Quebec, Canada

  1. I love Drawn & Quarterly. I love that a topic such as this could be a comic.

    • John – I have to find more Drawn & Quarterly titles. White Rapids is a beautiful book and you’re right, it ia really neat that such a story could be turned into a comic.

  2. I take it this is nonfiction? I love the cover. I’m just barely getting into the whole graphic novel thing, so this sounds good for me.

  3. I, like many, are new to the graphic novel genre. I have vowed that I will enter the next challenge for graphic novels, and may add this one to the list.

  4. Wow, if the cover is any indication, I would love the visual style of this novel. Thanks for pointing it out!

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