Random Reading Challenge

RandomReading.01-249x300 Wendy at caribousmom, one of my favorite book blogs, has started a new challenge.  What, you say?  How can I possibly join another one? Read the description.  It fits my reading over the last six months pretty much to a tee.

August 1, 2009 – July 31, 2010

Are you stuck in a rut? Do you always find yourself reading from set lists or feeling committed to reading one book while another book screams at you from your TBR mountain? Has your reading become completely scheduled? If so, the Random Reading Challenge may be just the thing to put the spontaneity back into your reading.

So, I am taking my Goodread TBR list and signing up!  Why don’t you join us?



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4 responses to “Random Reading Challenge

  1. So glad you’re joining in :)

  2. This one is easy! I couldn’t resist myself!

  3. LN

    I’m participating as well :-)

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