Sunday Salon


Summer is half over.  I don’t know where it has gone.

The weather changed this week, cloudy gray mornings with a bit of sun in the afternoon.  It is much cooler, allowing me to get some work done in the garden.  The heat wave fried some of my container plants while others just thrived.  We  have some small orange tomatoes.  The plants starts were a gift and I don’t know the variety but they are like candy, absolutely lovely.

worldwidefeet-1 I finished the Lost In Translation challenge.  I absolutely loved this challenge, will probably keep adding links to my reviews for books in translation and plan on joining in again next year.

This week I reviewed two novels, a graphic novel and The Part  About Fate by Roberto Bolano for the 2666 read along.  It feels good to be writing two to three reviews a week, just right for me.  Now I have to get back to writing poetry and get that web site going!

As for what I’m reading right now I’m finishing up The Road to Oxiana by Robert Byron, am half way through The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson  and just started Yellowknife by Steve Zipp. These are all wonderful and very different books.  What are you reading?

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15 responses to “Sunday Salon

  1. Thanks for the kind words about the challenge, Gavin. How would you feel about writing a round up post for the dedicated page with links to your reviews?

    Yellowknife is in my near future too. Claire liked it so I have high hopes. And the author seems like a fun guy.

    Happy reading!

    • Frances – I would be happy to write a round up post, just let me know how to go about it. If it is okay with you I would like to continue to post links to books I review. Thanks!

  2. The Lost in Translation challenge was one of the first challenges I joined, and I think the reason I didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have was I stuck all these personal rules on it for myself. I was a little too strict on those first challenges, which eventually made me a bit tired. I’m more easy going now. :) I might do this one again, too, or maybe I’ll go with the Orbis challenge next year.

    • Amanda – I understand about the personal rules and being strict on yourself. I felt the same way at first and have definitely lightened up on myself.

      Being a new blogger I kept seeing challenges that were really exciting but, as time went on, found myself signed on to way too many. It was becoming stressful and that is not why I read books!

      I’ve decided to finish the ones I’m really enjoying and not stress about the others. This first year has been an education!

  3. Half over? How about all over but a week? I suddenly feel like I have to cram in a bunch of things that I wished I’d done more of throughout the summer with the kids…late night swimming, trips to the beach, a few more days of rollercoastering at Universal. Soon the drudgery begins!

    • Sandy – I know, I’m already working 12-15 hours a week on the school library and trying to fit in those things I really want to do or finish before school starts! We’re not back in full time ’til the end of August.

      Do you really get on those roller coasters?

  4. I finally found your blog! I seem to have been looking for ages!! i’m going to add you to my blogroll as soon as i finish this comment!! I have Stieg Larsson’s first book in his series, TBR hopefully this month. I hear the Fire one is better (2nd in the trilogy I think it is). How did you find the first one?

    Congratulations on finishing the challenge, too!

    • Susan – Yeah! I’m glad you found me. As far as the Larsson books go, Dragon Tattoo (the first in the series) is really good, and so far Fire is excellent. I’d like to hear what you think of the first one when you read it.

      Thanks to certain blogs I’m discovering new mystery/thriller authors all the time. Then I have to read series books in order! I use my library for most of my books so it can be a challenge. Have a great week.

  5. lena

    Don’t remind me! I was just talking to my boyfriend today about how little time we have until Christmas. I still haven’t USED some of the gifts that I received for the one that has passed. I don’t know where all of the time is going!

    As long as books are getting read though, it is time well spent, I think!

    • Lena – I hope the trip home went well.
      Yikes! Xmas! No away!
      Time does fly by, sometimes I wonder what I’ve done with it all.
      I have read several great books this summer, and have spent some quality blogging time, both visiting and writing. I’m pleases with that.

  6. When you’ve finished THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE you might like to compare notes with me:

    • Kerrie – I will make sure to compare notes on the Larsson book and thanks for introducing me to several new-to-me authors!

  7. The summer does seem to be slipping by…
    Congratulations on finishing the Lost in Translation challenge. Next year I will join this one! Sounds like you have some good reading ahead to finish the summer with.

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