Sunday Salon

TSSbadge3The sun is trying to come out, I have laundry on my list of things to do and we may on go see District 9 later this afternoon.

I have to throw in a  reminder about the upcoming Book Bloggers Appreciation Week taking place September 14-18, 2009.  This event is an opportunity to come together with other people who blog about literacy, books and authors, celebrate this wonderful community and show your appreciation for all the hard work that goes into each and every one of these blogs.  Thanks to Amy and all the volunteers for organizing this event.

As for reading this week I finished my first book for the random reading challenge,  am almost through The Part About the Crimes for the 2666 read-along and have started a book called Biting The Wax Tadpole: Confessions of a Language Fanatic by Elizabeth Little.

Noun class extend well beyond a feminine/masculine distinction.  Linguists speculate that Proto-Indo-European originally distinguished between animate and inanimate, and only later did the animate class separate out into masculine and feminine nouns.   Many other languages, including Bengali and Hittite, distinguish between living creatures and inanimate objects.  Ojibwe, an Algonquin language, also separates animate from inanimate nouns, but in Ojibwe, “animate” doesn’t mean what you might expect it to.  A stone, for instance, is classed as animate.  So too are tobacco, money, and bread.  Page 48/49

Very interesting if you like languages and wonder about the theory that our native language shapes the way we think.  It is also very funny.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoy what ever books you are reading!  If you are interested in finding out about Sunday Salon please visit this link.



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13 responses to “Sunday Salon

  1. I’ve just finished three books this week….Whoda thought it for the first week of school?! Now I have to decide what to read next.

    • Three books? Good for you! I’ve got a pile from the library I’d like to get through before next week, when we’re back for meetings and more meetings. Have a good week!

  2. Happy Sunday! BBAW is shaping up to be much more exciting and fun than I knew it could be. This is my first year participating. :)

    • Thanks Amanda, BBAW is turning out to be quite an event. I’m excited about meeting new bloggers, not that I have time to visit every one I love as often as I’d like to. It’s my first year also.

  3. Gavin — Thanks for visiting Rose City Reader. I wish you could have come down for the Book Blogger Retreat in Portland last weekend. Maybe we will do something up in Seattle next time.

    Oh, I agree about The Historian, by the way. I do not like and do not read vampire books, and I really, really enjoyed that book. It’s the exception to my personal rule.

    • Rose City – I’ve been lurking around your blog for a while. I love the fact that your blog is so rooted in Portland.

      I’ve put the Historian on hold at the library and will give it another try.

  4. I just saw District 9. Did you end up seeing it? If you did, what did you think?

    • Masha – I did see District 9 and I really liked it. I want to tell everyone I know see it but most folks are not it to “sci-fi”. I think D9 is much more than a science fiction movie. What do you think?

  5. I though it was a good movie, Gavin, if difficult to watch. I think I might write a post about it. It gave me a lot to think about. And I know what you mean that it is more than a Science Fiction movie.

  6. Hey Gavin, I wrote a post on District 9. But my brother wrote a reaaaaaly good review, have a look here

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