Four Pictures by Emily Carr by Nicolas Debon

0888998147.01._SX140_SY225_SCLZZZZZZZ_ Four Pictures By Emily Carr

By Nicolas Debon

A Groundwood Book,

Toronto and Berkeley, 2007

A beautiful graphic biography, aimed at readers 8 and up, about one of my favorite artists, Emily Carr.  Nicolas Debon traces Carr’s life through her paintings.  The drawings and text lovingly depict the artist, the places and times she lived in.

Emily Carr was an extraordinarily gifted artist and she is all the more remarkable for being one of the very few women painters of her time. In the face of many challenges she pursued her own vision, basing her work on her great sense of curiosity and respect for the world surrounding her rather than on what was fashionable among artists of the period.  From Nicolas Debon’s introduction.

Choosing four paintings done at different times in Carr’s life Debon draws four brief chapters that illustrate Emily’s determination and character.  He even uses bits of her paintings as background and places her within them.  Four Pictures is a beautiful use of the graphic medium and an affectionate tribute to a strong and gifted artist.


Totem Forest by Emily Carr

Shacks and Trees in a Wood by Emily Carr
Shacks and Trees in a Wood by Emily Carr


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2 responses to “Four Pictures by Emily Carr by Nicolas Debon

  1. Oh, those are gorgeous. I’d never even heard of Emily Carr, but I’ve been looking up pictures she did, and I absolutely love them. Thank you for this! :)

  2. I love Emily Carr! I have ever since I visited Victoria at the age of eight and learned of this brave, eccentric artist who was also named Emily! (I can’t help but feel a kind of kinship with all the other eccentric, artistic Emilys out there, and I certainly have enough to choose from.) Anyway, thanks for this review. It sounds really lovely, and it’s always nice to dwell a bit on a beloved artist. :-)

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