A.D. New Orleans After The Deluge by Josh Neufeld

0307378144_01__SX140_SY225_SCLZZZZZZZ_A.D. New Orleans After The Deluge by Josh Neufeld

Pantheon Books, New York, 2009

A harrowing depiction of what it was like to live through the destruction of Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath of that devastating event.  Neufeld focuses on six very different people and their experiences before, during and after the storm.

Shortly after the hurricane Neufeld spent time as a volunteer with the Red Cross in Biloxi, Mississippi.  The blog entries he kept about that experience turned into a self-published book, which then morphed into A.D.  The non-fiction graphic depiction was originally serialized on Smith and then published as a book earlier this year.

I would suggest that anyone who enjoys this book find and watch When the Levees  Broke, a HBO documentary film made by Spike Lee.  It will blow you away.


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5 responses to “A.D. New Orleans After The Deluge by Josh Neufeld

  1. That is uncanny – I just got back from the library, and happened to pick this book up because someone had left it at the register. And I came home and here you are talking about it!

  2. Thanks for putting this on the radar Gavin!! I just bought this one a few weeks ago and am really looking forward to reading it :)

  3. Chris – You are welcome. I enjoyed A.D. quite a bit, but really love After the Levees Broke. See it if you can.

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