Sunday Salon – Another Readalong and A Read-A-Thon!


Sunday Salon is a gathering of people who love books, all kinds of books, all kinds of genres.  To find out more about this weekly event click here.

Happy Sunday to all.   I just came back from a staff retreat on beautiful Whidbey Island.  A lovely place in a beautiful setting, and the food was fabulous.Whidbey-Island-intro

I am very excited to be joining another read-along.  This one is organized by Emily at Evening All Afternoon and Richard at Caravana de recuerdos, two of the wonderful people who were part of the 2666 readalong that took place Kri0143039164.01._SX140_SY225_SCLZZZZZZZ_over the last five months.  We are reading Kristin Lavransdatter by Nobel literature prize winner Sigrid Undset.  This is a novel I’ve wanted to read for at least a decade but it is a trilogy over 1100 pages long.  The readalong, breaking the reading into a book a month through the end of the year, makes it less daunting.  I’ll be reading with a group of people who are opinionated, willing to express their thoughts and great fun.

I am also joining the upcoming Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-thon as a reader for the first time.  I have a workshop to go to on that Saturday but will spend as much time as I came reading during the rest of the day and into the night.  I have started gathering a group of books from my TBR piles, and from the library, that I hope will keep me engaged.  I’ve even loaded a couple onto my MP3 player for walks with the dog.   What about you?  Will you be joining in?



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19 responses to “Sunday Salon – Another Readalong and A Read-A-Thon!

  1. My husband wants to read Kristin Lavransdatter. He’s thinking about doing it during the readathon. I’m telling him he’s crazy, but he doesn’t listen to me. :D

  2. I am thinking seriously of joining in on the Kristin Lavransdatter Read-A-Long…I’ve had that book on my shelf so long…time I actually read it!

    So glad you’ll be doing the Read-A-Thon too! It is so much fun. I’ll drop in and cheer you on from time to time :)

  3. Good luck to you on reading Kristin! I’m too twitchy to read something that long right now. I have so many I need to get through by year end. Like 2666, I will loyally follow and read your updates!

    • Sandy – I know what you mean about being twitchy but I had such a great time with the 2666 read-a-long that I wanted to try another. 2666 was difficult at times and reading with others really helped.

  4. A staff retreat on an island! I would love that. It does sound like a beautiful place.

    I hope you enjoy the read-along for Kristin Lavransdatter. I attempted to be a part of a War and Peace read-along last year but it didn’t work out. I have such a hard time reading on someone else’s schedule when it comes to reading big books like that.

    Good luck with the read-a-thon! I am not participating this season, but I will check in when I can to see how everyone is doing. :-)

    Have a great week, Gavin!

  5. I’ve seen a lot of people posting about the read-along, and it’s really piqued my interest in KRISTIN LAVRANSDATTER. I’m not able to join in on the read-through, but I’m looking forward to everyone’s thoughts.

    I am joining the read-a-thon, and I’m really looking forward to it! I’m already anticipating the books I’d like to read. I’ve got one audiobook on my IPod, in addition to my print books, and I plan to put at least one more on just to be safe.

    • Memory – Thanks for your comments. I’m loving Kristin Lavransdatter and am really excited about the read-a-thon. When I need to take breaks I’m going to try and check up on everybody’s progress.

  6. I’m doing the read-a-thon and I plan to participate in the Kristin Lavransdatter readalong by reading the first volume during the read-a-thon.

    I think people would be less intimidated by KL if they realized it is actually three volumes — not one big book.

    Looking forward to the read-a-thon!!

  7. I’m glad you’re joining the read-a-thon. I just signed up today and I’m so excited. Good luck with both events.

  8. lena

    Super glad to be joining in the Lavransdatter fun. I think I’m the only one who got the individual copies of the books. The worst part about reading long books for me is carrying them around!

    The read-a-thon will probably be a whole lot of fun. But there is a book fair that day that I really want to go to, so I’m afraid I can only cheer lead! Kristen (of We Be Reading) is arranging a semi-meeting up on that weekend for Seattle bloggers. Wanna try to come to that too or is your schedule already overflowing?

    • Lena – Is the Columbia City thing happening that day? Just as well I’m not going as I can’t spend money on book right now. When and where is Kristen setting up the meeting?

  9. I’ll be cheerleading for the read-a-thon, so you can expect some silly comments.

  10. I’ve got too much on my plate to participate, but best of luck to you and the others!

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