Sweeping Up Glass by Carolyn Wall

wallf1668a93d8a47eb597958665567434d414f4541Sweeping Up Glass by Carolyn Wall

Delta Trade Paperbacks, Random House,

New York 2009

Borrowed from the library.

This debut novel by Carolyn Wall tells the story of Olivia Harker, her family, surrounding community and the land she loves.  Living in poverty on the land left to her by her ancestors, Olivia is threatened by hunters killing the wolves that live on her property.  She and her grandson struggle to save these wolves and to find the culprits.

At once a mystery and a love story Sweeping Up Glass offers reflections on  madness, racism and family secrets.

I have read reviews comparing Wall to Harper Lee and Flannery O’Connor.  Sweeping Up Glass is a good first novel but it is not that good.  Olivia’s first person voice is strong, her life  full of darkness and light, and  the story immersed in  “southern gothic” but I found the last third of the novel rushed and not as fully developed as the first two-thirds.  It is still an enjoyable read and I look forward to Wall’s next effort.

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2 responses to “Sweeping Up Glass by Carolyn Wall

  1. I have this in my TBR pile, and every time I pick it up to flip through it and consider reading it, I end up putting it back down. The title is so intriguing, but nothing I have seen about it so far has induced me to start reading!

  2. Those are some big words, comparing an author to O’Connor or Lee. Those are big shoes to fill. I’m glad you set that straight! Still, even if she isn’t quite that wonderful, it is good to know she has provided an entertaining read!

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