Sunday Salon – Just One Year Ago

jessie-wilcox-smith-books-in-winterThis is a special Sunday Salon post.  I can hardly believe that just one year ago today I wrote my first stumbling, bumbling blog entry.  My first review followed three days later.  I have learned and grown so much as a reader and reviewer over the past year, have taken part in wonderful events and completed some interesting challenges.  I have enjoyed every moment.

There are bloggers out there I have to thank for many reasons, but mostly for making me feel so welcome, for offering kind comments and suggestions and for sharing wonderful books.  My heartfelt thanks go out to  Care, Claire, Eva, Frances, Kerrie, Nymeth Richard Sandy, softdrink, Vassily, Wendy,  and another Wendy.

To all of you out there in the book blogging community thank you for hosting events, organizing challenges and offering give-aways.  I applaud every single one of you!



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50 responses to “Sunday Salon – Just One Year Ago

  1. Happy anniversary! It’s amazing how fast a year goes by, isn’t it?

  2. You’re very welcome. :-) Congratulations on hitting the one year mark…woo-hoo!!

  3. Congrats on your blogoversary, Gavin! It’s been wonderful getting to know your blog.

  4. caribousmom

    I can’t believe it has been only one year since you joined our community! It feels as though you have been here for much longer than that! I am so happy that you felt so welcomed…happy blogoversary…and many more to come!

  5. Happy anniversary, Gavin! I am so glad you took the leap and decided to begin blogging. I enjoy reading your bookish thoughts and being allowed a glimpse into your life. You’re such a great person. Wishing you many more continued great years of blogging.

    • I’ve really enjoyed becoming a member of this great community. Thank you for your kind comments, and I love your kitty photos (the dog is cute, too.)

  6. Happy blogging anniversary! I love you and your blog, so I’m very glad you joined our community <3

    • Thank you so much, Nymeth. I love you and your blog, too. I am very glad to have found things mean a lot, and I am always learning about new books and expanding my thinking when I read your blog.

  7. Lu


    I’m so glad I’ve found your blog because you are one of my favorites :)

  8. Lu

    Or maybe you found my blog? Either way, I’m glad!

  9. Eva

    Happy blogiversary!! And thanks for the shout out. :D

  10. Congratulations on the one year mark! May you have many more!

  11. Happy Blogiversary!

    I haven’t been reading you long but I knew when I got here, your space was a space I wanted to visit often.

  12. Happy blogiversary! We’re about the same age – my first post was in September 2008.

  13. You’re so very welcome, Gavin. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you as a reader. I remember the very first thing that pulled me to your blog was your love for the sea. Happy happy blogiversary!

  14. You must know that it has been my pleasure getting to know you! Isn’t it such a personal accomplishment to still be here a year later? I know I sort of amazed myself when I crossed that one year mark. I’m so proud of you. Happy blogiversary!

  15. And we applaud you! Your gentle and insightful nature is a gift to the book blogosphere. Happy day!

  16. Happy First Blogiversary! Here’s to another happy year of reading, reviewing, and blogging!

  17. Happy blogiversary! Time really does fly!

  18. I am so glad that you are a part of our community. I love your reviews and your insights on books that many don’t cover. You bring so much to our community. Happy blogiversary!

  19. Thank you for being such a great blog pal, Gavin! Continued happy reading and blogging to you!

  20. Happy blogiversary!! Wishing you many more!


  21. I’m a day late, but a very happy blogiversary to you! And many more… :-)

  22. Oh I’m late but still wanted to drop in and wish you a very happy bloggiversary! Hope you have many more :)

  23. I’m late with my good wishes, but congratulations!! I always really enjoy your blog posts, so I wish you many happy returns of the day! :)

  24. Good for you! I started a year and a half ago….I’m so happy I joined this world.

  25. wow! Happy Bloggoversary! You are such an awesome reader and terrific reviewer. I’m happy you enjoy book blogging – it IS such a fun thing to do. I always love to see your additions to goodreads, too. :)

    • Thank you, Care! I love seeing what people add to their lists on goodreads. I wish I had more time to be “social” there.

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