Sunday Salon – Grrrrr

Happy Sunday salon to all of you. I hope those of you in the U.S. had a great holiday.  We enjoyed an absolutely delicious vegetarian dinner with a  gathering of  friends.  This is, I think,  the 15th year of this celebration.  It has become a tradition for many of us. Our friends Scott and Lisa hosted.  Lisa is a master at setting a beautiful table.

What’s with the growling you ask?   I’ve had a frustrating blogging week.  Our internet connection/server/router has been acting up,  sometimes freezing up and often not being able to get to websites.  Half the time when I try and visit my favorite blogs I get a “server is taking too long to find website”  message.  But it is very intermittent and very difficult finding the problem. I have spent  time on the phone with our DSL provider, people have been very helpful, but it continues.  I’m thinking we have gremlins on the line.

This week I read some books and wrote some. I’m pleased that I manage to write reviews for books I finish soon after I’ve read them though, I will admit, some are easier to write than others.  Do you struggle with reviews?  Ever finish a book and feel like you should review it but find you have nothing to say?

I have started reading Season of Ash by Jorge Volpi (thanks to E.L.Fay)  and an astounding collection of stories titled Love Begins in Winter:Stories by Simon Van Booy.

I’ve been thinking about that women I saw behind the window in the middle of the night.  Since that evening I’ve felt differently about a lot of things.  I spoke to my brother about it.  He thinks I’m finally coming around.  He thinks I suffer from depression.  But I’m just quiet.  Solitude and depression are like swimming and drowning.  In school many years ago, I learned that flowers sometimes unfold inside themselves.

From Love Begins in Winter, page 31.

These stories read like poetry. What are you reading today?  What are you planning on reading this week?  Enjoy the first week of December!


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16 responses to “Sunday Salon – Grrrrr

  1. Hate to focus on food, but I’d really like to know what you had. I ate vegetarian for the holiday though my family eats meat. Must be wonderful to sit at a table full of veg-heads.

    Sorry to hear about your access problem. At my new job I don’t have access and by the time I get home I don’t have much online time. I’ve been noticeably grumpy.

    • Susan – Let’s see. We had savory baked tofu, stuffing with mushrooms, onions and broccoli, mashed ‘taters, gravy, Roasted veggie pie, braised brussel sprouts (these were really yummy, I have to get the recipe), roasted root veggies and lots of desserts. Many of the veggies came from people’s winter gardens or our local farmer’s markets. It was a fabulous meal!

  2. I was on the phone all week too with our internet provider. Isn’t that the worst?!!! It’s just so frustrating to have connection problems! I hope yours get resolved soon. I can totally relate to the grumpiness!

    • Our service problem is so intermittent that people can’t figure it out! When it goes out I get on the phone and by the time I get through to someone it is back on!

  3. We had three tech guys out before they finally figured out my problem….Trees. I had to trim up (eek!) my trees which were leaning on my lines and straining the cable connection.

    • Nope, not trees. Everything looks great on the line, all the lights are go. I think it is at the server end. When it goes out I try and call and when I get through it is back on! Frustrating as heck.

  4. I don’t have too many issues with my internet (PLEASE don’t let that statement put a curse on me!!!) but when I visit my mom and dad’s place in the middle of nowhere Indiana, I become a homicidal maniac. Nothing EVER works. I would be criminally insane if I had to live there.

  5. Ti

    I love the internet but when you can’t get to it, ugh…so not fun.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast. Food always tastes better with friends.

  6. I hope the internet issues resolve themselves soon. That’s certainly no fun. :-(

    It sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving though. :-)

    I am struggling with my review writing right now. Usually I try and write the reviews right after I finish the books because then everything’s fresh in my mind. I’m not sure what’s wrong with my brain these days. I finally decided to give myself a break and start the next book. If I didn’t, it’d be a while before I read another one.

    I hope you have a great week, Gavin!

    • Thanks for your comments! Some times I have to wait a day or two to get my thoughts straight for a review. Then there are books like Kristin Lavransdatter that are just painful to write about!

  7. That really is a beautifully set table. It’s always nice to spend holidays with good friends.

    I have heard wonderful things about the Van Booy book and it may just snare me although I don’t generally enjoy short story collections.

    As for struggling with reviews, absolutely. Some reviews are easya s pie to write and others make me agonize. I think that’s why I tend to get so backed up on writing them, because one will just stymie me so badly I can’t move on from it.

    • Kristen – Thanks for your comments! The Van Booy collection is quite something, very lyrical and dream. I am enjoying it.

      If a book review doesn’t flow I will back away from it a bit but always feel compelled to get it written with a week of finishing the book. Some books just don’t get reviewed.

  8. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving – I agree with Susan, it would be nice to have other vegetarians at the table during big holidays!

    I’ve just read the Van Booy and also think it was marvellous — but like you say, I read it and then don’t know what to say about it! Just that it is great doesn’t make much of a review… ;)

    • Melanie – Van Booys collection is just so finely written and dream-like. I needed space between each story to take them in.

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