The World More Full Of Weeping by Robert J. Wiersema

A World More Full of Weeping

By Robert J. Wiersema

Chizine Publications, Toronto, 2009

I bought this from Chizine after reading a review by Colleen at Chasing Ray.

A spellbinding novella by a Canadian author new to me. 

11-year-old Brian lives with his divorced father, Jeff,  in a house next to the woods.   His mother, Diane, is  living in Vancouver and has decided Brian needs to come and live with her.

Each day Brian spends more and more time in the woods behind his house until one night he doesn’t come home at all.  The search parties are called and Jeff begins to remember a time when he disappeared into the woods.   He begins to remember what he found there.  His thoughts start to unravel, finally coming to an understanding of what has happened.

The story is like fantasy but is not really fantasy.  It is more like a dream.   Wiersema’s writing is cool and clear,  a stream deep in the woods.  I remember walking in places like this, hearing the sounds, feeling the brush of cedar against my arm, slowing down and seeing .


The coyotes were almost the same sandy brown colour as the ground.  If he hadn’t slowed to look,  he wouldn’t have seen them.  If  he hadn’t quieted, he would have woken them and they would have slipped away, unseen and unknown.

He was suddenly acutely aware of how much poorer his life would have been had he never seen them. From page 31/32.

This book is a mysterious gem. There is a wonderful essay called “Places & Names”  at the end.  The jacket artwork, by Erik Mohr, is stunning.  I am happy that I was able to support the publisher and the author by buying the book directly from Chizine.


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12 responses to “The World More Full Of Weeping by Robert J. Wiersema

  1. That is one seriously beautiful cover. I could very easily break my booking buying ban for that alone, never mind the intriguing plot.

  2. Thanks for the kind review! And for supporting ChiZine Publications directly. Very much appreciated. Darren: Please do break your book ban! The book is just wee—and very cheap! :-)



  3. Glad to hear you liked it. I’m part way into Before I Wake and really want to read this one too. Thanks for reviewing it.

  4. I love coyotes. And I’ve been looking for more Canadian authors. This sounds promising.

  5. This looks really good. I must add it to my wish list!

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  7. I just read Colleen’s (Chasing Ray) latest post in which she mentions this book. I read the preview over at Goodreads, looked at the publisher’s website which link to your review! If you and Colleen love it then I know I will too. I’m going to break my book ban and buy it!

    • Great! I first heard about this in Colleen’s post and bought it from the publisher directly. ChiZine has a new book coming out that I am also interest in.


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