Sunday Salon – Spring?

Happy Sunday Salon to you.  It was 55 degrees and sunny most of the day yesterday and I hear that it may stay warm and sunny for a few more days.  The crocuses are out.  I cleaned and planted some containers and dug up some old bulbs.  Will we have frost again?  Will we have lots of rain?  El Nino is playing havoc with our winter weather but I won’t complain.  Having sun instead of a blanket of gray clouds is wonderful!

I read a wonderful book this week.  The Rock and the River by Kekla Magoon is a YA novel I heartily recommend to anyone who enjoys young adult books.  My review is here,  I hope my words do it justice.

I am working on several more reviews and have started the new Tracy Chevalier novel Remarkable Creatures.  This is the first Chevalier book I have read, somehow I never got through all the hype to read Girl With A Pearl Earrings but if I enjoy the new one I will add that one to my list.

I am also revisiting one of my favorite science fiction authors and his amazing novel in four parts,  The Book of the New Sun.  I’ve been meaning to reread this for a while.  I’m not sure how I will review it, if I review it.  Have you read it?  Have you read The Book of the Long Sun?

What are you reading today?  Have a wonderful week, wherever you are!


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11 responses to “Sunday Salon – Spring?

  1. I read Gene Wolfe a long time ago and really liked him, but haven’t read anything by him in years. I’ll look forward to your review to see if I should revisit him too!

    • I read the Wolfe books along time ago and have not read any of his newer work. I am enjoying the Book of the New Sun, understanding it better, this time around.

  2. I’ve never read anything by Gene Wolfe, though I keep meaning to – I’ve never been the biggest science fiction person, but this year I want to read some, like really good science fiction.

    Today I’m reading essays and poems and a memoir by June Jordan, this poet and activist I’ve never heard of who turns out to be absolutely amazing.

  3. 55 degrees with crocuses blooming?? I envious – we have almost 2 months before that happens. Will be curious to see what you think of Tracy Chevalier’s new book. I liked Falling Angels a little better than Girl with a Pearl Earring.

    • This warm weather is very early for us. Usually it is cold and raining through this part of winter. I’m enjoying the Chevalier. Have a good week!

  4. I have only read The Girl with Pearl Earring, but I did like it. I think it’s one of the better pieces of historical fiction I’ve read.

  5. I’m chuckling because if it were 55 here in Florida, people would be hunkering down and wearing their long underwear, swearing winter is back!

    • Sandy – Yeah, did you get snow where you are? Florida is a bit too far south for me, I like my seasons. I hope the dust settles soon, have a great week.

  6. Typically, by this time of year, I’m walking around in shorts and t-shirt. Not this year. It’s supposed to get down to 33 tonight!

    Praying for sunshine and spring!

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