Roberto Bolano: The Last Interview

Roberto Bolano: The Last Interview & Other Conversations

Introduction by Marcela Valdes

Melville House Publishing, Brooklyn, 2009

I bought this one.  It now sits on a shelf next to my copies of 2666 and The Savage Detectives.

“Literature is not made from words alone.” Roberto Bolano

A small book, containing four interviews and explanatory notes on Hispanic and Latino authors and book titles that may be unfamiliar to English readers.

I particularly appreciated the introduction by Marcela Valdes which goes into Bolano’s writing of 2666 in some detail.  Great for readers of that massive work.

As for The Part About the Crimes,  Bolano was in contact with Sergio Gonzalez Rodriguez, a Mexican journalist who wrote about the horrors taking place in Juarez.  Gonzalez Rodriguez’s book about the murders, Huesos en el desierto, has not been published in English.

I loved finding out that Moby Dick was one of Roberto Bolano’s favorite novels.


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2 responses to “Roberto Bolano: The Last Interview

  1. Lu

    Ooh this will be really helpful for my thesis, thank you for posting about it!

  2. Lu what is your thesis on? If you don’t mind me asking…

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