Rose: A Bone Prequel by Jeff Smith and Charles Vess

Rose: A Bone Prequel by Jeff Smith and Charles Vess

Scholastic, New York, 2009

This is a prequel to the Bone saga and my introduction to Jeff’ Smith’s series. Princess Rose and Princess Briar are in training to control their “dreaming”.  Through an accident an evil dragon has entering their valley and is harming its inhabitants.  Who can fight this monster and who controls it?

This is a fun read for middle grade readers.  Smith’s story is dramatic, with a light touch of romance, and Vess uses his skills in an Art Nouveau style that is beautifully colored.  Due to the size and format of the panels Vess uses clarity and restraint I had not seen in his work before, and uses it to great effect.  I enjoyed this and would recommend it to readers new to graphic novels.  Now I have to read all of  Bone!

Have you read and review this book?  Leave me a link so I can add it to my review.


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9 responses to “Rose: A Bone Prequel by Jeff Smith and Charles Vess

  1. You have to read Bone! It’s a great series though I need to warn you now that it’s best to have all ten volumes at hand when you start reading. You can easily go through the whole series in a week. I haven’t read Rose yet but it’s on my list!

  2. After reading only the first volume of Bone, I agree with Vasilly completely that it’s best to have more than one on hand when you start. I heard recently that this prequel series exists- how fun!! Excited :-)

  3. I can’t believe I haven’t read this yet! I loved Bone so much. Thank you for reminding me of this.

  4. I love Charles Vess, but unlike – it seems – everyone else in the world, I wasn’t too impressed by Bone. I got the first volume and was quickly bored with it; I think I got about halfway through and couldn’t go any farther. :/

  5. Vess is amazing, Rose is lovely. I will be starting Bone next week.

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