Sunday Salon – We finally have a connection…

Happy Sunday Salon to you!  After what feels like at least a year of faulty internet service we  have changed service providers and (knock wood) actually have a consistent internet connection.  Of course, I feel like I have to wait a week or two to make sure, but it seems solid, fast and reliable.

This experience has actually been educational.  I learned that my relationships with other bloggers  are valuable in ways I did not anticipate,  and how comments, even a quick hello, help to maintain those relationships.  I also learned that I need to limit my time on the computer, there are other things in my life that will suffer if I don’t.

How much time do you devote to the internet?  What do you do with your “free” time when you’re not online? When you are not using your “smart” phone to surf the net or “twittering” with your friends?

I realize that “free” time is completely subjective.  There is work, both in the home and out of it, family joys and obligations, professional obligations.  I have made some life choices that allow me to have time to devote to things I love without feeling like I am avoiding or ignoring my obligations.  This also means I can spend my free time sitting online instead of being outside, or reading or doing other things I enjoy.

With this new connectivity I can  catch up on posting reviews, visiting blogs and leaving comments!   I  also choose to limit my time in front of my lovely laptop.

This week I finished reading two novels, a short fantasy and am almost through the entire Bone series.  I’m not as far long on my challenges as I would like to be but that’s okay.  Come June I will check again and drop a few if I feel I will not complete them.

If the skies clear I hope to spend some time in the garden this afternoon.  If not I have library books to read including thisthis, this and this. What are you doing today?



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20 responses to “Sunday Salon – We finally have a connection…

  1. I’m allowing myself 45 minutes to read Sunday Salons today. Then I really must get my vegetable patch planted.

  2. Welcome back, Gavin! My ISP has been giving me a lot of grief lately, so I feel your pain. I’m glad it’s all over for you (hopefully!).

    I can’t afford a phone with internet access and have no access at all at work, so I’m only online for half an hour in the morning and a few hours in the evening. I’m actually grateful for this, because back when I worked from home I was pretty much online all day, which did me more harm than good. As much as I care about my blog and my online friends, I don’t want to be unable to go for two hours without checking my e-mail, which was the case before. I’m less hooked now, and I appreciate that.

    • Thanks, Nymeth! I think it is great, being less “hooked” to the internet. I hope work is going well for you and I love the 1930s Mini Challenge. Have a great week.

  3. I try to visit ten blogs a Sunday. I’m glad I stopped in here for my tenth stop….You just reminded me to get back to the most important things…Reading!

    • debnance – I try and visit my favorite blogs on Sunday, then if I have time I stop in at a couple of new ones. Thanks for the comment!

  4. I spend more time on the Internet than I care to admit. And God forbid I should spend time reading! Ha! I do volunteer for various events at the kids school and for the Adult Literacy League, I golf, and I work out. Balance is the key! Congrats on the new connection !!!!

  5. I look forward to my vacations because it sorta forces me not to rely on the internet as much. (Having an iphone though sorta doesn’t help…)

    I go through brief periods where I’m on constantly and other time, not so much. I do kinda combine my tv watching with internet. :P

    • christina – Now I can actually watch TV episodes on my computer! I’m going to have to limit that. Thanks for your comments.

  6. Eva

    I need to get better at limiting my laptop time! But I”m glad you’ve got a better internet connection. :D I love your blog, so I’m selfishly looking forward to more posts!

    • Eva – Thanks so much for your kind comment! I am so glad to be able to visit all my favorite blogs regularly again! Have a wonderful week.

  7. I have limited blog reading time during the week, but I make up for it on the weekend…I usually spend a good chunk of Sunday in front of the computer.

    • If it is rainy I spend most of my Sunday on the computer or reading but if the sun is out I have to take advantage of the weather. Have a good week!

  8. I am learning how to limit my time online – with varying success. Since I discovered the Fringe boards, I spend time there now too. I have to remind myself that I do have a life i like!!! I know how hard it is to go without a computer/internet connection after our trip to England. It was interesting how much I missed everyone. Glad you’re back!!

    I also know about the garden, I got into mine today too! It’s far to early to plant anything, we have to wait a month, but I could tidy up the dead stuff from last year.

  9. Ti

    I think to some, the internet is a nuisance but I seem to manage my time pretty well between IT and real life. I actually feel a bit scattered if my reader gets out of control so I devote 30 min a day to blog reading and posting comments. Sometimes I spend more but not often.

    Yesterday, I only managed to read for about a half hour which sort of makes me crazy. I really need the down time (and brain stimulation) in order for me to feel whole so this afternoon, I plan to sit under a shady tree, eat my lunch and READ.

  10. Reliable internet is lovely. I’m looking forward to the day when I will have a computer that’s capable of handling three open tabs at once. I mean I love my computer but it’s six years old and doesn’t have the speed it once did. :P

    • Jenny – I love my new connection! I know what you mean about older computers. I love my laptop but when I use a computer at work I am amazed at how fast they are. have a great week!

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