Sunday Salon – Piles of Books

Good Sunday to you.  It has been a quiet week around here, except for the weather, which has been wild and blustery.  I am ready for slightly warmer temperatures.  It was sunny yesterday but the wind was cool so I never got out to the garden.  I’m hoping today will be milder.

There is something eating the sunflower seedlings.  Peas, beans and some greens are up but the poor sunnies are chopped off at the neck!  I will have to find some bigger starts at the nursery.

As for my reading this week, I finished and reviewed two great novels.  I feel like I am keeping up with my library reads and my challenges.  I bring home a bunch of books, browse through them and decide on the ones I really want to read.  I do not hesitate returning the others.  But there is a problem.

I have  piles of book that have found their way into this house.  They are not library books.  Some where given to me, thanks to Bookmooch and generous bloggers.  Some I traded for.  Some I actually bought.  With every intention of reading them.  Wendy has a Random Reading Challenge but I keep forgetting about it.

If you have stacks and piles of book that are slowly taking over your house do you have a way of managing them?  How do you choose what to read?  Do you ever cull books without reading them?

Oh, and even though I am on a self-imposed book buying ban, somehow, through the magic of the internets and my trusty credit card (I should really cut the thing up) I have three  books wending their way here from Canada.  Right, you say, no will power at all.  I’ve been waiting months and months and months for these books to be published in the US.  I’ve hoped my library would buy them.   I can wait no longer.

Galore by Michael Crummey

The Golden Mean by Annabel Lyon

The Bishop’s Man by Linden MacIntyre

Have a great reading week!


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19 responses to “Sunday Salon – Piles of Books

  1. I have to laugh at this because I just posted a photo of a new stack of books – never mind the stacks that have already taken over my house! I’m also waiting for the US release of a couple more, especially Molly Fox’s Birthday. This seems to be a common affliction…

    • JoAnn – I am really trying to get control of all the piles of books! As for buying new books I try really hard not to, but sometimes fail miserably!

  2. I’ve actually opened up a separate LibraryThing account just for books that I own that are “TBR”. Then, I can sort through those to see what I’m interested in checking out. But, I’m a big organizational dork. :P

    • Christina – Having a separate list for TBR books on LibraryThing or Goodreads sounds like a great idea! Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. I know I keep forgetting the Random Reading Challenge. Lord knows I need to focus on it, because books are spilling over everywhere. I get diverted from them by review copies and impulsive library requests. Plus there is my Kindle, which is starting to accumulate books also!

    • Sandy – The Random Reading Challenge is a brilliant idea. I just need to remember to do it. I’m going to create a TBR list on Goodreads and use it!

  4. Great stack! As a librarian, I should be able to tell you that I have some great organizational plan for my own piles, but I do not. Have taken to keeping a list on my blog (not visible) of all new acquisitions. The new ones I think I will get to soon and blog about, I put in my left sidebar under “Recently acquired…” But aside from this month where I made some ridiculously HUGE commitments, and shared read commitments (smaller number than in past) I always read randomly.

    Applaud and admire your lack of willpower in the face of a good book! And get that seedling frustration. It’s the rabbits in my yard.

    Happy reading!

    • Frances – I think a list of TBR books is a great idea and I love your “Recently acquired” sidebar. I keep adding books to my “wishlist” from your list!

  5. I listen to my heart. When a book no longer makes my heart go pitter-patter, I pass it on.

    That said, I have an entire bookshelf of books that still make my heart beat a bit faster, just often enough to keep the books in my house.

    Should be time for a culling soon, though….

    • Debnance – I have done that, listened to my heart and gotten rid of books. The problem is I’ll remember something six months later and go searching for it only to find I’ve traded it away!

  6. I am actually very slowly getting my physical TBR pile down both by not adding stuff to my list anymore (not as much anyway) and not allowing myself to grab stuff from the library as often. I’m also trying to reduce the virtual TBR (under 200 now!!).

    • Amanda – That is fabulous, the fact that you are whittling down your TBR pile. My problem is not adding books to my list. I know I’ll never read them all but so many great bloggers write about so many great books…

  7. You’re starting to look like me with all of those books coming in! Sorry to hear about the sunflowers getting eaten up! I just planted my garden this weekend and I’m loving it already :) Thinking of adding some beans into the mix!

    • Chris – I read you post about the garden! I should remember to take photos as things change. A friend gave me great ideas about how to protect my baby Sunflowers so I’m starting again. As for piles of books, I have to stop bringing books into this house or we will be buried in them!

  8. Ti

    I just posted about my own out-of-control pile last Friday and then attended the Festival of Books on Saturday and bought MORE books. It’s an addiction I tell you.

  9. Oh, boy. I hear your pain. I am on a book diet, to say the least. It’s back to the library for me (and used bookstores to keep the costs down). I don’t usually have a specific way of organizing my books or deciding what to read and when. It’s based on mood, more or less. I usually have a pretty good stash and I sift through the titles to see what strikes my fancy.

    Great to meet you,
    Lydia @ The Literary Lollipop

  10. Culling books is so hard. I re-organize mine from time to time; right now the ones I want to read for challenges are all near the bed, the others on a separate bookshelf sorted more or less by subject. But I can’t help always acquiring more!

    • Jeane – After going through my piles I’m going to make a TBR list on Goodread of just the books I own that I want to read. The rest I will trade:)

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