Sunday Salon – Crazy Busy

Good Sunday Salon to you all.  It has been another crazy busy week.  With family things and preparing for the yearly elementary camping trip I only managed to finish and review one book.   I am reading two novels and The Age of Wonder but find I am reading  a few pages at a time and then running off on an errand or falling asleep!

Because of camping I will be offline for most of the week so I am not even going to attempt any reviews until next weekend.  I do hope to have time to stop by my favorite blogs and say hello.  Have a wonderful Sunday and a wonderful week!


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7 responses to “Sunday Salon – Crazy Busy

  1. Deep breaths, deep breaths. And do fall asleep if that helps. This can be a challenging time of year at school but it is over before you know it, right? Wishing you all the best!

  2. Good luck with this week! Have fun camping!

  3. Ti

    Have fun camping! A break from technology sounds sort of nice actually.

  4. Hope you’re enjoying your camping trip! It’s nice to get away…

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