Sunday Salon – Mid-year Challenge Update

Good Sunday to you.  It is June, and for those of us in the northern hemisphere, it is almost summer.  I am finishing up the last couple of weeks of school,  a rushed and exciting time.  June is also a great time to evaluate reading challenges.  It is my second year of  participating in challenges, my second year of  blogging about my reading.

After looking at the results I am pleased with my progress.  There are a few challenges where I am lagging behind and  am thinking of dropping, just because my focus seems to be going in different directions.  More free time over the summer may help.  I am also seriously considering joining Nymeth for the Middlemarch read-along.  I will be take a look at that very long book this week and come to a decision by the weekend.  That may seriously impact my reading for the next two months.

Here are my challenge numbers.  If you are interested in any of them you will find links in the column on the right side of this page.

Global Reading Challenge – 10 of 12

42 Science Fiction Challenge – 13 of 42

Canadian Book Challenge II – 12 of 13

Clover, Bee and Reverie – 3 of 8

International Year of Biodiversity Challenge – 2 of 3

GLBT Challenge 2010 – 3 of 8

Graphic Novel Challenge 2010 – 9 of 12

New Authors/New Worlds – 24 of 25

Once Upon A Time IV – 4 of 1+

Random Reading Challenge – 6 of 12

Science Book Challenge – 1 of 3

Mini challenges:

1930’s – 1 of 1+

According to my Goodreads shelf,  I’ve read 81 books this year.  At least a dozen are graphic novels and several are children’s picture books but they still count!  At this rate I will read over 150 books this year.  Quite happy with that.

How about you?  Are you pleased with your challenges this year?  Pleased with your reading?  Are there some things you would like to change?

The sky has been  gray and rainy for most of the last two months.  Yesterday,  the sun was out and the soil dried a bit, it was glorious and I did some work in my weed-filled garden.  This morning it is raining again so I will spend some time curled up with with  A Place of Greater Safety or Austerity Britain.  What are you planning on reading today?  This week?

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12 responses to “Sunday Salon – Mid-year Challenge Update

  1. Oh, I know those last weeks of school well! How to fit it all in and make sure that we are done on time so that we can get to all that great summer reading? Here on the east coast this year, many of us have a few extra days of school because of all the school days so I have to be extra patient for the end this time.

    Looks like you have the challenges firmly under control! Hopefully that leaves room for reading randomly on your summer vacation.

    I am finishing The Great Lover by Jill Dawson today. Very enjoyable!

  2. I don’t usually participate in challenges but the Horrible Dare Challenge looked too good (bad?) to pass up. I’ll be starting that shortly.

    I’ve only read 28 books this year, or 31 if you count LOTR as three separate books. (It’s thought of as a trilogy but Tolkien actually intended it to be one big novel.) But I’m almost done with a 820-page anthology of HP Lovecraft which includes several of his short novels. I don’t know if that qualifies as one book or several.

  3. You are having a great year! I just broke my ‘no challenges this year’ resolution and joined the Japanese Literature challenge – 4 books on the shelf are waiting to go. Today I’m reading The Forgotten Garden for my book club.

    • JoAnn – Thanks to your post I’m joining in the Japanese Literature Challenge! I feel good about all the other challenges so far.

  4. I’ll be reading along with Nymeth’s Middlemarch suggestion, and I’m so happy to welcome you to the Japanese Literature Challenge 4. Hooray! I’m off to add you the list of participants on the Review Site, and I’m looking forward to your thoughts. Nice to meet you!

    • Bellezza – You’re reading Middlemarch? I guess I need to take a serious look at it. It has been on my shelf for years. Thanks for your comment, I am looking forward to the Japanese Literature Challenge.

  5. Eva

    I’ve just realised I’m behind on a few of my challenges, so this month is dedicated to catching me up on all of them! :)

  6. I am all done with one challenge for the year, just need to review the last two books and do the write up. Then one more to go.

    You’re making great progress. Good luck!

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