Sunday Salon – Summer, Finally

Happy Sunday to you all.  It is summer in the northern hemisphere and for the first time in the Seattle area there have been several evenings lovely enough to enjoy dinner on the patio and reading under the shade of the lilacs.

My first free days have been spent working on the garden, sprucing up the house and taking care of assorted chores that get put off during the school year.  I spent part of yesterday on the beach with a group of people joining Hands Across the Sand.  I am happy to report here were many events all around Puget Sound.  With the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico we are all very aware of how vulnerable our local marine life, bird and beaches are.  Hopefully this heightened awareness will translate into very strong protective legislation in Olympia.

As for my reading, I finished four wonderful books this week including my final read for the Canadian Book Challenge.  This is one of my favorite challenges.  I’ve discovered some amazing authors and found some great Canadian blogs. John at the Book Mine Set is organizing Canadian Book Challenge IV.  I’m already signed up.  How about it?

I also started a book which I did not finish.  I am having a hard time this.  Do I just drop it or do I write about why I decided not to finish it.  Does it matter?  What do you do with a book like this?

Yesterday, I started The History of White People by Nell Irvin Painter.  It is a fascinating, fast-paced history of race theory that starts way before there was a concept of race and includes not just skin color but also systems of power, wealth and ideas of beauty.  I am also reading The City & The City by China Mieville, one of my very favorite authors. I’ve decided I have to read Perdido Street Station again.   What are you reading this weekend?



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10 responses to “Sunday Salon – Summer, Finally

  1. I think if the book you didn’t finish isn’t worth finishing, it’s not really worth talking about. I rarely write DNF reviews.

    This weekend I’m reading a ton of graphic novels including Cooper and the Bone series.

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. I’ve stopped doing DNF reviews – at least I don’t do full posts on them. Occasionally I’ll mention a book I didn’t finish, but mostly not. I don’t always feel guilty not finishing a book, but if I write about why I didn’t like it, I do feel guilty. It’s silly but I have this feeling that my opinion’s not valid if it’s not based on the book in its entirety.

    • Jenny – Thanks for your comments. I have to agree with you about not commenting on a book I have not finished. It just doesn’t feel fair to the book or the author.

  3. Er, but I am still curious – what was the book? Why didn’t you finish?

  4. I usually don’t write about books I didn’t finish but recently I did because it was for a read-along and I felt like I had let the others down and felt I needed to explain why I couldn’t go on. It’s up to you, but like Jenny, I also am curious what the book is that you didn’t finish and why. :D

    Happy week, Gavin!

    • Claire – I don’t think not finishing a book lets anyone down, reading is very personal and subjective. I don’t think I can write about a book I didn’t finish because it is not fair to the book or the author. It just didn’t click with me.

  5. I don’t have many that I abandon, but I usually do post something with my reasons if I do. I tend to be a “finish this book or die trying” kinda gal, which isn’t healthy I don’t think. I never know when to move on. I really want to read City and the City. My Kindle is calling me and begging me to buy it.

    • Sandy – I used to believe I had to finish any book I started. No more! There are just too many book I want to read out there. Have a great week!

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