Sunday Salon – Sunny and Warm

A good Sunday to you.  We are finally enjoying summer weather.  Sun throughout the day and a pleasant 80 degrees, with a slight breeze along our hillside.  Spent part of Friday and Saturday weeding and planting chard, kale and greens.  It makes me very happy.

I got a great surprise a couple of days ago.  As I think I have mentioned, we do not watch TV in this house, but we do watch movies and certain TV shows on DVDs.  Turns out, our favorite video store is closing one of it’s branches and they are selling off their stock.  My dear sweetie stopped by there and came home with Firefly, Serenity and the Doctor Who series 1 through 4.  Now I can watch some of my very favorite characters when ever I want!

As for reading this week, I started David Mitchell’s newest The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet.  It is absolutely wonderful.  I also picked up a couple of great titles from the library.  The Last Samurai by Helen Dewitt and Writing on the Edge: Great contemporary writers on the front lines of crisis.  Very different books, but I look forward to reading both of them.

As always, wishing you a wonderful Sunday and a wonderful week.  What are you planning on reading?


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22 responses to “Sunday Salon – Sunny and Warm

  1. Oh I am so glad you like The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet. I have been trying to get to this one, but now that you said how fabulous it is, I have to read it soon!!!!!!! Thanks. I don’t watch TV either. Most people think I’m nuts. LOL My Enjoy your summer weather.

  2. We’re not big TV people either, but do watch our share of movies. Umpteen years ago, when all the stores were liquidating their laser disc inventory, we bought them all up. Of course now if the laser disc player goes on the fritz, our only option is Ebay. Crazy.

  3. Happy Sunday, Gavin! It’s great to hear you’re enjoying Jacob de Zoet! I’m looking forward to reading it as well.. sometime.. not today. :D Today it’s Love by Toni Morrison, which I’m almost done with.. and then will be reading A Personal Matter by Kenzaburo Oe. Have a great week!!

  4. I have heard so many positive things about Firefly but still have yet to see the series.

  5. Oh, I love it when video stores close down. Or, I mean, I don’t love it–because I don’t want Barnes & Noble to be my only source of DVDs–but it’s lovely when their stock goes on clearance. An FYE shut down in my area earlier this year, and I bought dozens of DVDs.

    • Our video store just closed down one location (because of a rent increase). The other locations are not far away so it is easy to patronize them. We had to restrain our purchases or we would have spent way to much on DVDs (I keep thinking of other ones I would love to have)!

  6. Have a great time reading and watching tv!

  7. Playing in the garden just sounds fantastic :) Glad you got some stuff planted!! And the stuff that you got from the video store is awesome!!! Firefly and Doctor Who are like my two favorite tv shows ever!! Along with Roswell…have you ever seen Roswell? It only lasted for three seasons :(

    • I feel sooo lucky to have Firefly and the Doctor Who DVDs. I have not seen Roswell, wil try and get it from the library. Have a great week, Chris.

  8. Eva

    That cover on The Last Samurai is stunning!

    • I have to finish De Zoet before I start Samurai. I ca not remember where I first heard about it. I’ve got to start keeping a list of blogger recommendations!

      • Eva

        I need to start keeping a list too; I always feel bad when I’m talking about a book and am like “Some blogger…who I can’t remember right now…wrote a great review.”

  9. I loved The Last Samurai, I hope you enjoy it too. The Thousand Autumns is a the top of my tbr list. I look forward to your thoughts on it.

  10. Our local video rental store recently closed, too. It’s hard to compete with Netflix these days! Just back from visiting our daughter in NYC and plan to continue reading Mariana this week.

  11. One of our local video stores closed recently, too. We hadn’t visited in ages- we either watch stuff on tv or off Netflix- but we went and bought a ton of our favorite movies, they were so cheap.

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