Sunday Salon – Taking A Few Days Away

A good Sunday to you.  It has been a quiet week around here.  I did do some work at the school library, took a trip to a couple of favorite bookstores and Mr. G and I saw Inception at our favorite movie theater.  This summer has turned out to be one spent close to home, but later in the week we hope to take a short vacation in Vancouver, BC.  Vancouver is a wonderful city, with many interesting places to visit including Granville Island and the Anthropology Museum at UBC.  We will be leaving the laptops at home.

I did say bookstores, didn’t I?  Elliott Bay and Third Place Books are large, thriving booksellers with cafes, book clubs and author readings.

Elliott Bay Book Company

Third Place Books

Seattle is lucky to be blessed with several large independent bookstores.  We keep losing smaller ones, but some manage to survive by relocating, specializing in book searches and being strong members of their community.  Mr G satisfied his mystery/thriller cravings by picking up several paperbacks including Out, The Turnaround and The Girl Who Played With Fire.

I will be reading Out for the Japanese Literature Challenge.  I controlled my own book cravings and only grabbed The Windup Girl (I promised myself I would buy this as soon as it came out in paperback) and Seven Tenths: The Sea and Its Thresholds, and I still have a gift card at another great bookstore!  Have I mentioned that it is time to sort through our piles of books and make room for new ones.  And locate another bookshelf!

Today starts Diana Wynne Jones Week, an event organized by Jenny of Jenny’s Books.  Please check it out and have a wonderful week, where ever you are!


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10 responses to “Sunday Salon – Taking A Few Days Away

  1. I just recently experienced Elliot Bay Book Company for myself on a trip to visit my parents! It was quite lovely. I could spend all day perusing the shelves, I love that they have so many slips of recommendations on each shelf, I love those types of touches in book stores.

  2. I love Eliot Bay but I’ve never been the Third Place Books. You’ve made me want to revisit Seattle. I’ve not been in years.

    • Elliot Bay almost closed. Luckily they found a new location on Capitol Hill. Third Place has two locations. We are very lucky in Seattle!

  3. Uhhhh…I want a cool bookstore near my home! Have a wonderful time off!

  4. Enjoy your trip but a summer spent close to home is not such a bad thing either. When you live in a cool place like you do. Thanks for the Diana Wynne Jones reminder too! I almost forgot. Happy reading!

  5. Eva

    Have a fun vacation: it sounds like fun! :)

  6. I love independent bookstores but there aren’t that many around my area. And also, I really want to read the Windup Girl!

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