A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny

A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny

A Three Pines Mystery

St. Martin’s Minotaur, New York, 2006

Borrowed from the library.

“Cosy” mysteries are not usually my cup of tea but Louise Penny is such a fine author that I plan on reading all of her books.  This is the second of the Three Pines mysteries.

A women has been murdered.  CC de Poitiers was new to town and, so far, had not made a very good impression on its inhabitants.  She was murdered in front of many people and no one saw a thing. Electrocution on a frozen lake while watching a curling match?  The Surete du Quebec sends Chief Inspecter Armand Gamache to investigate.

Penny has a wonderful way with  her characters.  The residents of Three Pines all have their quirks and their failings, their relationships are not perfect but they are all very human.  Even the grumpiest curmudgeon is likable.

Inspector Gamache is wise and compassionate, one of the kindest characters I have come across, but he is dealing with his own past and not always sure of the next step to take.  And this murder is so odd, how could someone have electrocuted the victim in the middle of a frozen lake, and what could the motive be?

Louise Penny tells a wonderful story, one that seems light on the surface but carries great depth.  She has been winning awards for her mysteries and I look forward to reading the next in this series.

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5 responses to “A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny

  1. Lovely review, Gavin! You know I enjoy this series so much. I’m about to read the fourth one, The Murder Stone, and have the fifth on my shelf also. I still think I’d love to live in Three Pines, even if they have a super high ratios of suspicious deaths there (if it existed, I mean). I’m glad you’re enjoying this series too!

  2. Susan, Three Pines does sound lovely but I’m not sure I could take all that snow!

  3. I don’t usually read cozies either but I’ve heard it happens a lot that the person murdered is someone who was generally disliked. I can’t help but feel that makes this novel sound rather cliched despite the unusual circumstances surrounding the crime.

    • EL Fay – I don’t know how often this happens in cozies ’cause I rarely read them. Maybe it is cliched, but there is something in Penny’s writing that I really enjoy.

  4. I have not read her books. I have The Brutel Telling. After your endorsement..I will have to get on it.

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